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True collaboration with your employees, customers and vendors means more efficiency and higher profits. business® by MILES is a cloud-based software platform built to do just that.

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Custom Software Development

How Can Software Help My Business?

Custom software development can make drastic improvements in many areas of business. It can improve efficiency by streamlining day to day business operations and identifying areas where you can increase productivity, standardize business practices and automate tedious tasks.

Many companies operate based on the structure and limitations of the business software they use, running their business in ways they know are inefficient because their current software forces them to use those specific processes. Unfortunately, many business owners don't realize it can be fixed – they simply live with inefficiency and assume that's the way it is.

But it doesn't have to be!

Software Portfolio
The Top 10 Signs You Need Better Software

At Miles Technologies, we are a custom software development company specializing in the design and agile development of software solutions for distinctive businesses or business functions that do not fit in to commercially available ("off-the-shelf") software. Businesses or areas of a business that are very unique often demand custom software development, especially if automation is desired.

See the types of custom software that we often design and build.

Our Approach to Custom Software Development

At Miles Technologies, it's not enough to simply complete a custom software development project. Our goal is successful system implementation. After all, if your company doesn't learn, embrace and use the new software, you've wasted your money. With our implementation success rate of more than 99%, your project will succeed!

99 Percent

Our computer software design and development teams are specifically structured to ensure success. Each position – from project managers to business analysts, system architects, quality assurance, software support, systems integrators, and software & UI developers – has a specific role in the successful implementation of your system.

When our teams design business software, our focus is business-centric, meaning that we start with analysis of your goals and discuss ways to improve your business operations. The technical details and specifications are laid out after we fully understand your business objectives. That way, your goals are at the forefront of the entire project.

With the right software solution in place, you can be free to explore ways to expand and grow your business, and pursue ideas which would have otherwise been too time-consuming or required too much overhead. When software works for you, anything is possible.

Software Lifecycle

Software & System Integration

Organizations often have several different systems that don't communicate well with each other. System integration takes those systems and ties them all together, creating one central location for data entry. This can be a valuable asset in streamlining your everyday business.

Benefits of system integration include:

Better Decisions

Better Decisions. Organizing all data entries in one location can help organizations make quicker decisions in pressure situations. Instead of jumping from system to system, find all relevant data in one spot.

More Efficient Data Entry

More Efficient Data Entry. Integrating all systems not only streamlines the data entry process but also makes gathering information easier for the entire company.

Improved Communication

Improved Communication. System integration allows vendors to communicate with their customers quickly and easily, keeping all processes flowing effortlessly.

Reduced Errors

Reduced Errors. Each system could potentially have several thousand data entries, making the chances of duplicate data very high. System Integration reduces an organization’s chance for error and stores all information in one location.

Strategic Software Partnerships

Besides building completely custom software or creating custom pieces to integrate with your current software, our development team also leverages partnerships with some of the most successful software companies to truly bring you the best of the best. We work with Amazon, Intuit/QuickBooks, Google, and more. We might use for your online payment portal, Google Maps to help map and plan trucking routes, and QuickBooks to make all your financial information available from your main software system.

Amazon, Intuit/QuickBooks, Google,

Ongoing Success & Software ROI

After the implementation of your custom software project, we begin ongoing support and maintenance. Our software support plans keep your customized software system running smoothly by continually improving your system’s efficiency, and providing unlimited maintenance and helpdesk support on existing functionality. Included analysis and consulting services provide an organized and planned approach to managing ever-evolving technologies and new versions of your software. Read more about our software support plans.

If your current software is not making your business run more efficiently, contact Miles Technologies today to find out how custom software development can help!

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