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Miles Technologies focuses on helping businesses accomplish more. We provide cost-effective, efficient solutions for all your business technology needs.


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You Request. We Respond. It Gets Done!®

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We Believe
We Believe...

Technology is a strategic competitive advantage for our customers.

We don’t believe in implementing technology for the sake of implementing technology. We believe in strategically implementing technology to increase the Bottom Line, Efficiency, and Quality of Life of the business and its people.


Living our Slogan.

You Request. We Respond. It Gets Done! only works if we each believe it as, You Request. I Respond. It Gets Done! My personal responsiveness, both internally and externally, makes up the responsiveness of our entire enterprise.


Passionately advocating what is best for our customers.

"If I know it's good for them, I won't let it go."


Seeing through our customer’s eyes.

We believe in seeing things from our customer’s point of view. To help them, we must understand them.



We understand that the first ingredient to providing meaningful consultation is to Care. Care about the customer and their people. “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care".



We will always do what we believe to be right.


Working hard.

Working hard got us here and working hard will continue to move us forward. We expect all of our co-workers to apply the extra efforts to ensure we get the job done right and on-time.


Honoring commitments.

Do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it. If a commitment cannot be fulfilled, notify others early and agree upon a new commitment to be honored.


Family comes first.

All family obligations can be met. We work together to help fellow staff members with their work obligations in order to free them up to ensure they meet their family obligations.


Taking responsibility.

Don’t be a “victim.” You/We are responsible. When something goes wrong, determine what you can do to help solve the problem and to help prevent it from occurring again in the future. Ask for what you need and take full responsibility for your success.


People need to know.

We believe customers and co-workers need to know where, what, how, and when…and need it on a regular basis. They need status updates proactively. They should not have to call for them.


We are one company.

We have many talented divisions, yet our customers view us as one company, as they should. We must also view ourselves as one company. We must work as a team and require that all staff be able and willing to do so.


Continuous Improvement.

We believe every staff member has a commitment and a responsibility to review with rigor and consistency the areas of work that they took part in to uncover the opportunities for improvement and then immediately execute to get better.


Time is a valuable commodity.

We believe that our time as professional consultants is valuable and worth the investment to our customers, and that their time is also very valuable, and will always work to communicate and provide solutions with that in mind.


Delivering Solutions That Work The First Time.

Each of us is personally responsible for the quality of our own work. We believe that being an integral part of our customer's success can only be achieved if we deliver products and services that hit the mark upon first implementation.


The Power of YES.

We believe YES leads to more opportunities. This does not mean we say YES to the wrong things. It does mean each of us starts with YES to all requests for help both internally and externally. Our goal is always to fully understand requests, consider all possibilities, and Help People Accomplish More.

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Our Mission

To provide highly customized, groundbreaking technology solutions that further our customers' business goals and objectives. To be elemental in the "Idea Cycle" – from Vision, to Design, to Development, to Implementation. To be responsive. To "Get It Done." To experience continued growth and profitability while providing rewarding and forward thinking careers.

Our motto:
You Request. We Respond. It Gets Done!®

At Miles Technologies, it's all about our customers. Known for extreme responsiveness, Miles Technologies has been described as a "valuable resource of innovative solutions" delivered by a "professional, creative, and very accommodating" team.

We strive to help you your ideas and visions into tangible solutions that will help you grow your business and run it more efficiently. Miles Technologies is fiercely dedicated to providing customers with professional, high-level service for a true return on investment

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