4 Ways To Survive Social Media Humiliation

Kimberly Burghart October 2, 2014

Hey, we’re all human. Mistakes happen, especially in social media! The poorly timed Tweet. The politically sensitive Facebook image. The not-such-a-great-idea hashtag. The clever post that demonstrated to the world you don’t follow current news. The unfortunate late Friday afternoon tweet when your social media manager forgot they were not on their personal Twitter account.


Social media humiliation is like a circling shark – it’s out there, and it may just bite you. What to do? Recently, Miles Technologies shared its views with Small Business Trends on what businesses and professionals can do to ride out the humiliating sting of social media woes with dignity!


4 Ways To Survive Social Media Humiliation

Remember, grace under fire is always a plus! Reacting timely to a social media flub is simply good communications and, after all, isn’t that what social media platforms are for today’s businesses – communications platforms. Keeping poised and focused is the best way to ride out a social media storm with acceptance and humility. Don’t be afraid of a social media disaster! Turn temporary humiliation into an opportunity to better connect with your clients, prospects, colleagues and market insiders!


Does your social media need a little finesse? The online marketing team at Miles Technologies are experts in managing social media platforms of all varieties and flavors. Contact us to boost your social media to new levels…or even crisis control one unfortunate tweet!

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