5 Web Design Trends To Love

Christina Rickabaugh October 3, 2014

The creativity and techniques that inspire web design greatness are always in transition. What’s the latest? The web design community is laden with hot trends that push the limits when it comes to scrolling effects, mobile functionality, browser compatibility, interactive navigation and big, chunky content blocks. Here’s 5 web design trends to love – and more important, to implement, right now!


Big Content Blocks
Content marketing is big. Web design recognizes this with, of course, big designs. Big, bold content blocks are super in right now, allowing for content to be displayed fast and easy – telling big stories in seconds and conveying brand messaging with a few dynamic fonts and colors. Content blogs allow web designers to convey content in a modular fashion – compartmentalizing content to attract eyes fast. When websites get mere seconds to engage and enthrall visitors, big content blocks can do the trick!


Responsive. Responsive. Responsive.
Only responsive websites are worth anyone’s time. Smartphone and tablet usage is massive – and global. This year, mobile devices are dominating, forcing web designers to embrace the user experience and guarantee stylish designs that look spectacular whether displayed on an iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Note or any laptop or desktop. Web designs are all about delivering an immersive experience. If someone cannot view a site from a mobile device – shut the lights and go home. It’s over!


Beautiful, Beastly Scrolling
Continuous scrolling is a design element that more and more sites are implementing. Literally allowing the user to continuously scroll through content allows for more text to be viewable with a minimalist navigation influence. More icons, rolldowns and generally condensed navigation approaches to displaying tighter, better content in a free flow manner shrinks audience loss and encourages a richer, fuller content display experience. Bigger, better imagery with greater prominence of vibrant colors – hemlock,  cayenne and radiant orchid – heighten scroll experiences too, allowing for longer and more deeper viewer engagement.


Video Storytelling
There is no way around it – corporate storytelling is a major component of business branding and content marketing. What better way to tell a story than a unique video that educates, entertains or even inspires! Viewers will hang out longer to watch a video than to plow through text, however minimalist and targeted the content may be – video always wins out in engagement. Web designers are tuned in to

featuring videos prominently in designs that not only win over brand advocates, but also build social communities.


Simplistic, Flat Designs
When it comes to web design, less can be more – much more. Minimalism has its place in clean, crisp web designs that take brilliant creative concepts and convey them in a subtle, delicate fashion. When it comes to flat web designs, subtlety is supreme. If a site is not going responsive for some time, hopefully it at least sports a flat design that is rich in classic, distinct two-dimensional styling. With flat designs, elements are simplistic – making for an easy, placid viewing experience that, at times, trumps the best drop shadows, bevels and embossing flares out there. What the flat design lacks in glitz it makes up concise crispness. Never underestimate the comfort of simplicity and really great typography.


What are some web design trends you have seen around? Did we miss anything here?  Tell us in the comments!

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