6 Creative Online Marketing Holiday Tips That Work

Kimberly Burghart November 21, 2014

Ideally, your marketing plan for this holiday season was determined before Halloween and kicked off immediately following Halloween. If you didn’t strategize early to make the most of your creative marketing this holiday season, you have been very naughty.

What were you thinking! You could be promoting a social media contest instead of worrying about last-minute SEO tweaks to capture holiday leads.

What now?
For starters, put together a plan that will carry your brand and any special holiday incentives across your social media platforms immediately.

As you ponder your holiday social updates and online marketing campaigns, review these 6 creative marketing holiday tips for social media, SEO strategies, content branding and online marketing success by online marketing expert Scott Hoover, Client CMO, Miles Technologies.

Don’t make major changes to the website during the holiday season! New content updates and callouts are fine, but don’t make any major changes to your website during the holiday season – wait for the New Year! Your most popular pages should have minimal changes during the holidays. Mobile users are growing like crazy and if your website is not mobile-friendly, potential sales could be lost just on that alone – here’s hoping you have a responsive website this holiday season.

Any free shipping incentives?  Free shipping promotions, gift ideas, sales, and specials should be planned ahead and made aware through social media, blogging, callouts, content shared.  Look at what’s worked in the past and emulate it and improve upon it. Don’t worry about search volume now, but rather plan for it to improve when the time comes.

Holiday your content! Blog with all the latest sales, promotions, gift ideas and specials. Try to get some guest articles or posts on high-traffic sites. Worth a shot to get some referral traffic quickly! Use visuals in the content. Make holiday incentives and promotions stand out with great visual content support. Remember, your content should be customer-driven, not product-driven, and it should capitalize on the holiday season.

Decorate – and integrate – your social media: Integrate social media with everything else you’re doing. Share blog posts, share specials and deals that can be found on the website, too. Use Facebook’s Promoted Posts to reach more people – it’s the largest user base of all social platforms at 1.32B users and it has the most users of the key demographic who will be buying during the holidays. Instagram is the “breakout” social network, but advertising is not allowed yet – sorry, no holiday ad opportunities here. Make sure to leverage all your social platforms to the best of their holiday promotional abilities – and give people a behind-the-scenes look at your company with holiday pictures and shares.

Encourage shoppers to refer others! In all of your online marketing efforts this holiday season, remember to offer an incentive to refer a friend or colleague – make sure to build your connections by encouraging shoppers and clients to refer your goods and services.

Measure your holiday success! If you don’t know what’s working or what worked, then how do you know what to do next holiday season? The holidays come every year, so keeping records of all of your online marketing efforts and results – this information will be crucial to next holiday season’s success.

Need help with a creative marketing campaign this holiday season? We can help! Contact us today and speak to an experienced marketing specialist.


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