6 Salesforce Email Notifications to Keep Your Employees in the Loop

John Bialous September 23, 2015

With approximately 13% of the worldwide market share, Salesforce is still the go-to CRM for businesses of any size. But beyond your sales team, it can help your entire company communicate effectively and efficiently using its workflow rules feature. Using these, you can set up automatic email notifications to your employees when specific events are triggered within Salesforce. Let’s take a look at six email notifications you can easily set up to keep your business running smoothly:

1. Updates to a scheduled client meeting

We’ve all been there– either it’s actually happened or had a recurring anxiety dream about it: being entirely unprepared for an important meeting with a prospect. When contact with potential customers is limited to set meetings, it’s important to make the most of that time. Missing a meeting, being late, or just generally being unprepared can have an enormously negative impact on your chances of securing a customer. To avoid this, set up an email notification anytime a meeting is either created or modified. That way, you keep keep everyone involved in the meeting aware of the change– even those outside of your sales team. Perhaps you have teams of analysts or marketing employees working around the clock to prepare material for the pitch. They need to know if a meeting time is changed– whether they subsequently have more time to complete their work or less. You only get a limited number of chances to impress a lead– impress potential customers with your ability to make sure everyone involved is up to date on meeting dates and times.

2. An important customer’s information gets edited

Every business has a few clients they pay special attention to. Whether they’re the ones who generate the most revenue or the ones who continually refer new business, they are vital to the continuing health of your bottom line. But what if something changes at one of those organizations? Perhaps they bring in a new contact person or are suddenly relocating offices– whatever it is, you need to know and need to know how it affects your relationship with them. Maybe it will simply be business as normal or maybe a new executive will want you to compete for their business all over again. Whatever the change is, you’ll want to reach out as soon as possible and begin putting things into action. Setting up an email notification to trigger when any changes are made to the Salesforce entry of specific clients ensures you stay on top of these changes and can establish a dialogue with your most important clients as early as possible.

3. A sales quota is accomplished

Celebrating accomplishments is important. That’s why it can be a great idea to establish email notifications celebrating when individual or team sales quotas are reached. Hopefully, your sales team works hard to bring in new customers for your organization– celebrating those victories as an organization can go along way to keeping morale high and ensuring everyone remains aligned in their efforts to bring in more business.

The notification doesn’t necessarily have to be based on a sales quota– maybe you’ve just landed a huge client that will guarantee significant revenue for your business– celebrate these victories too! While they may come few and far between, securing those large accounts is a great sign to all of your employees that they’re doing things right and will encourage them to keep pushing hard with the hope of securing even larger clients. Too often businesses move on quickly from their successes– even something as simple as an email notification can make sure everyone takes a moment, however brief, to bask in the glory of making a sale.

4. Notify HR about new sales employees

The makeup of a sales team can be somewhat flexible compared to other departments of a business. Sales people tend to come and go and often times live in completely different geographic locations than their fellow employees. This is why it might be worth setting up an email notification to tell your Human Resources department when a new user is added to your Salesforce account– that way they can be assured they won’t be missing out on any new hires not made at home office. Of course, your HR department should always know when new employees join your organization, but adding this email notification is a handy way to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. After all, your sales team are the people going out and bringing in new business for your organization.

5. A big prospect enters the database

However it happens– whether they were referred to you by one of your current customers or a member of your sales team just happened to have an “in”– when that huge prospect enters your Salesforce system, you want all hands on deck. The opportunity to make a big sale can be a huge, galvanizing force for a business— a chance to really stake a claim within an industry and attract some well-earned attention. Setting up an email notification for when a prospect of a particular size enters the system can serve as the trigger point to get your whole team into gear. Maybe you want to bring in the CEO? Maybe you’ll need the input of several division heads to formulate the most convincing sales pitch possible? Whatever it is, setting up an email notification like this serves as a kick-off point for discussion so everyone can get on board and start working towards securing the next big client.

6. A customer becomes unresponsive

While not hearing from a customer for a while is not necessarily indicative of anything being wrong, it is certainly something that many businesses want to take action on. You probably have those customers who you will go months without hearing from and everything is just fine, but, depending on the situation, simply reaching out and touching base can go along way to maintaining a positive relationship with your clients and keeping them with your business. Setting up a notification to check-in with customers you haven’t heard from in a while will ensure that customer remains with you for a long time to come.

While Salesforce is primarily known as a CRM software product, it’s automation features extend beyond a business’s sales team. Try implementing some of these tips or come up with your own and make sure everyone at your company stays connected and in the know.

Check out our tutorial video on how to set up email notifications within Salesforce and get started keeping your employees in the loop today!


Does your business use email notifications within Salesforce? Have any been particularly useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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