Brand Strategy: Why You Should Emulate These 6 Household Names

Kimberly Burghart November 10, 2014

Building a brand is connecting with your customers emotionally. Building a brand is rewarding, cultivating, informing and entertaining your brand’s loyal customers. Building a brand is being consistent with all that embodies your brand and communicating a clear and understood message about your services, expertise and mission.

Building a brand isn’t easy. It’s one extremely tall order.  It is optimizing a communications matrix that includes everything from blogging and social media strategies to content marketing, brand publishing, advertising techniques and more. Luckily, there are some awesome names out there setting the brand strategy bar pretty high with creative marketing philosophies.

To establish and build a brand, you must determine your brand’s goals and market positioning and identify your target audience. With your foundation in place, next steps include deploying emotionally charged and market relevant social media strategies, working as part of a comprehensive interactive marketing campaign all focused on your buyers and their buying habits.

What does it take to be a branding great?

Take a look at 6 brands blowing away their market competitors with brand strategies that not only make the grade, but write the book on brand strategy today!


Oreo: This unassuming cookie captured more than 4,600 followers on Pinterest for its Daily Twist campaign, showing Oreos with messages that were funny, intelligent and even heart wrenching. Yes, all this from a cookie.  Oreo’s branding is everywhere – especially on social media. With 458,000 Twitter followers and over 38 million Facebook LIKES, Oreo knows what it takes to work the viral side of social marketing. The brand’s devotion to creative social media engagement, including videos, is a shining example of what one little brand can do to differentiate itself in a sea of brands…and that’s how this cookie brilliantly crumbles over its competition.


Nike: Nike knows more than sports. Nike knows branding – and content. Nike creates content that speaks directly to its target audience. With over 4 million Twitter followers and a golden hashtag in #justdoit, Nike is a leader in social media engagement. The company’s eye for great visual content is all-star material! Want to do it like Nike, see the company’s Instagram and get inspired!


Pizza Hut: Who doesn’t love pizza? One visit to Pizza Hut’s Twitter page is all it takes to get hungry. With humor and fun images, Pizza Hut’s timely updates are delivered hot and just in time. The company isn’t afraid to get a little campy and isn’t too high and mighty to poke fun at itself. With a clever layering of hashtags and a healthy topping of ‘scenes from a pizza box‘ this is one social media campaign with personality and vibrancy. Plus, with more than 1.04M Twitter followers, Pizza Hut is doing something right. Who’s hungry?


Starbucks: Similar to Pizza Hut, Starbucks leverages hashtags, consistently engaging content, seasonal anecdotes, customer incentives and more to create not only a page devoted to building social ambassadors, but a platform for the global celebration of coffee. With a sprinkle of the right amount of humor, timeliness and relevancy, tweets are shared by the millions following the coffee great’s videos, observations and shares on Twitter. With great visuals adorning its Facebook too, Starbucks is a great example of the power of imagery in social sharing today. Enjoy the flavors of Starbucks on Facebook!


Virgin: While Virgin’s leader Richard Branson has a blog worthy of stealing the show when it comes to accolades for smart social media and branded content, the entire communications effort Virgin flies is stellar.  Just look at the company’s website! Loaded with fresh updates, great visuals and a vibrant content energy, Virgin is a prime example of a branding leader.


Target: Target is more than just one of the most recognized logos out there. Target is a brand. When you visit Target on twitter the bold Target red and bolder Target messaging are apparent. Target knows its buyers and builds content specifically for its shoppers, making it a shining example of a branding great that knows how to talk to its audience.


You do not have to be a Starbucks or Target to brand creatively. Businesses of all sizes can demonstrate the same social media and content innovation. The key to being a branding scholar is dedication to your brand.


Do you have any questions, or brand strategy tips?  Let us know below in the comments.

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