Godzilla’s 5 Tips To Designing Your Best Site Ever

Adam Grobelny October 2, 2014

What does your website and Godzilla have in common? Here’s a hint: Nothing! Godzilla is a champion. Your website, sadly, is not – at least not yet!

Godzilla, the latest movie about the world’s most terrifying, yet beloved, prehistoric protagonist, dominated theaters in its opening weekend with a domestic total of $112 million and a foreign gross of $103 million – smashing the box office and securing the ranking of #1 movie.

Godzilla is no stranger to stardom – this is one monster with box office mojo. In the new release of Godzilla, the planet’s most famous monster is pitted against behemoth, evil foes, driven by scientific madness, which can only mean one thing: Godzilla must save us all.

As if saving the world were not enough, Godzilla finds a way to inspire the best in what could be your greatest web design ever – if you take the time to pick up on the megastar’s clever clues.


Tip 1: Smash Your Website – To Make Room For Your BEST Site Ever
Godzilla isn’t afraid of a little mess! Why should you be? You cannot create something awesome if you are working on a foundation that is barely mediocre. It’s time for total change! If your website was first constructed during the golden age of dial-up, it’s time for a change! If your web design is still one of those relics only viewable on Internet Explorer, it’s definitely time for a change! If your website takes a long time to load and was never optimized for SEO – the time for change long passed! You will never have a competitive website if you don’t start from scratch. When was the last time you completely overhauled your website? If you can’t remember, it’s time for a total redesign. Today’s websites need to be visible to search engines, mobile optimized and reflective of the latest design trends. Godzilla smashes things all the time – people still adore the giant mutant! Are people enjoying your website today? Odds are, they are not – costing you conversions and online ambassadors. Be like Godzilla – wreck your old website and make room for a brilliant new design! Don’t worry, the world won’t end!


Tip 2: Champions Are Responsive
Since Godzilla made his epic debut in Ishiro Honda’s 1954 film, Godzilla, the giant monster has always been portrayed as responsive – a hero. Godzilla is a defender of humanity, albeit he doesn’t realize his greatness. Champions need to be responsive – ready to battle the next opponent, ready to save the day – ready for anything. Your website can be just as heroic to your clients and prospects – if it is responsive.
Sleek, mobile and totally intuitive, responsive websites are the ultimate in user engagement for web development today, creating a real opportunity for companies to differentiate themselves from their competition—and win the battle to engage mobile viewers. Optimized for greater SEO thanks to a content-rich strategy built for a mobile world, responsive sites allow viewers to enjoy a website in a simplistic way, never realizing the complexity of code that went into enabling their ability to view the site beautifully whether on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.


Tip 3: Action Stars = Blockbusters

When was the last time you referred to Godzilla as boring? Godzilla is always on the move – fighting, struggling and battling. Godzilla elicits a reaction. Godzilla – monster and action star – solicits a response from viewers. Your website needs to do the same. Take a look at any successful ecommerce or service provider site and, like Godzilla, you will see there is an energy and vitality – a call to action.
Speak directly to your site visitors and lure them in with the opportunity to Request A Quote, Contact Us, Order Now or View A Demo. Design a new website that features how-to guides, videos, white papers, brochures and other downloadable content – maybe even offer a free consultation, coupon or trial version! Promote your calls to action with clever buttons and banners, with contrasting colors that allow your calls to action to really pop! If your new web design is an action star, you will benefit with greater conversions and increased visitor engagement. Plus, like Godzilla, your site will be memorable! Action stars are hard to forget!


Tip 4: Be Open To New Trends
Though Godzilla is still the same terrifying monster he was since he became a superstar 60 years ago, he is wise enough to grow and change with the times. Today, his battles are in bigger cities. He has a momentum on social media – at least he authorized his latest movie to go wild on Twitter @GodzillaMovie. With nearly Twitter 50,000 followers, Godzilla knows how to work social media. He’s even riding hashtags, from #GODZILLA to #GodzillaInvadesYouTube to #GodzillaMovie. Clearly, Godzilla rolls with the times. He’s open to new trends.

When it comes to your web redesign, don’t hold yourself to the trends of last year – get current! Infinite scroll may be ideal for your new design, allowing your layout to work beautifully with content and images continually loading as visitors scroll down your pages. Hot trends today include sliding image presentations and demo videos, as well as the use of big graphics and power icons. There are also sliding panels, allowing responsive designs to load pages in succession from left to right – a dynamic and very cool content display. There’s the mobile navigation toggle, which displays beautifully on smartphones and empowers designers with many options for drop down, slide down or push content displays. There is vertical navigation, ideal for content-rich pages. When designing your next site, be open to new trends – flat designs, responsive designs, parallax scrolling, single page solutions and more! Your designer will know what will work best for your new website – just don’t be too big of a monster when it comes to keeping an open mind!


Tip 5: Be True To Your Brand
Godzilla answers to no man – or monster. He leads his own charge, often by crushing cities and, ultimately, his competition. Godzilla is true to one force: Godzilla – the legend, the superstar, the brand. When developing your next website, make sure to position your brand as a true leader. Promote a vibrant blog. Direct visitors to your social media platforms. Demonstrate your practical advice, market expertise and service strengths with powerful content. Your website brands your business in every way – from philosophy to services to employees. Position your site as a leader in its industry – a hero! Godzilla is a hero – a defender of humanity and the world as we know it. Godzilla is also a brand. Audiences expect a certain message from Godzilla, and would be disappointed if Godzilla deviated from his core themes. When approaching your web redesign, be sure to craft compatible, synonymous messaging, themes and educational or inspirational content. Don’t deviate from your core branding – stay true to who and what you are as a business and thought leader. Keep true to your brand, and your online identity will, like Godzilla, become the stuff of legends.


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