How Technology Can Help You Become a “Best Place to Work”

Dan Carpenter October 16, 2015

What makes a great place to work?

For the third year running, Miles Technologies was named one of the top 3 Best Places to Work for large businesses by Philadelphia Business Journal. Not to brag, but we feel pretty good about it! The award represents something we’ve been building toward since 1997– creating a work environment where our employees are passionate about what they do. Employees want work that challenges them, strengthens their skillsets, and allows them to use those skillsets to their fullest potential. Unsurprisingly, employees who are hindered by their work environments and bogged down by unproductive tasks tend to be particularly unhappy. They need to be given the tools and resources to do the best job they possibly can.

How did we land on the list? We’re a technology company, so, so we’re always thinking of ways to leverage technology to help our employees achieve more and feel more productive. Let’s take a look at how businesses can improve two areas of technology, IT and software, to achieve a happier, more productive workforce.

Making sure your IT services are up to scratch

The more your employees feel like they’re making a difference, the happier they’ll be. Employees that are invested in their work are more likely to be happy with what they’re doing and more likely to deliver quality work. A big part of getting to this point is giving your employees the tools and technological foundation they need. Since so much of daily work is now conducted on some kind of device or network, having great IT services is an imperative.

This means having stable IT environments that run smoothly with as little downtime as possible. Downtime while waiting for a desktop to be fixed or a network to go back online can be incredibly frustrating for an employee. It  forces them to rethink their plan for the day  while wasting valuable time they could be working. Your IT services provider should offer you round-the-clock support. On the rare occasion you or your employees do run into difficulties, helpdesk support needs to be a phone call away. By giving employees the resources to solve computer issues as quickly as possible, they can get back  to doing what they do best.

An IT company should also be able to provide you with a comprehensive consultation on how to plan for growth when it comes to your technology. If you succeed in creating a “best place to work”-type company, chances are you’ll be growing pretty rapidly. When that happens, you’ll want to know how your technological infrastructure and assets will keep up.

Using software to help your employees do more

Software is a great way to help your employees be productive, but only if it’s used  correctly. You need software that works for the employee, not software that they have to work around. Great software and integration of software fosters collaboration between various groups of employees and reduces the amount of time it takes to complete tasks. As a result, the more mundane elements of an employee’s job are able to be automated, enabling employees to focus on the more engaging aspects of their work.

Software integration means ensuring the processes by which data is transferred between software systems work correctly. Different systems often need to have the same data running through them. Having these correctly set up by a software company reduces the amount of repeat data entry that would be necessary without integration– something every employee can appreciate.

Software such as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system brings your business together– synergizing and integrating the work of different departments, improving communications, and generally making everything easier to manage from one location. Once those minute inefficiencies and miscommunications are cleared up, you’ll be amazed at how excited your employees become about their work. Software is great for helping your employees be efficient and feel more productive, but making sure it’s mobile friendly can help enormously too. This makes it easier for employees to access information while on-the-go, as well as on the hopefully rare occasions that they have to work after hours from home.  .

While there is no magic bullet for turning your business into a great place to work, taking steps to ensure your employees have the technology they need to do their jobs well goes a long way. Creating a great place to work includes making sure you have solid IT and software in place to help them do their jobs.

Do you have any thoughts on how technology can help create a better place to work for your employees? Let us know in the comments below

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