How To Link Google AdWords & Google Analytics

Kimberly Burghart June 10, 2016

Amplify Your Analytics

If you are using both Google AdWords and Google Analytics and haven’t linked your accounts, you’re missing out on valuable information. Analytics offers an abundance of tracking information that, when coupled with AdWords, gives users the data they need to optimize their advertisements.

Here are some benefits users get when linking their accounts:

  • Links user interactions on your website to the ad that generated that specific visit.
  • Shows bounce rate, pages per visit, and visit duration of conversions generated by ads.
  • Imports Analytics data to AdWords to better understand your ad’s return on investment.
  • Imports your Analytics goals and eCommerce transactions to AdWords.
  • Use remarketing list from Analytics in AdWords (Analytics offers more insight and segmentation).

How to Link AdWords & Analytics

To make the process simple, Google provides an integrated ‘AdWords Linking’ tool. Follow these steps to properly link AdWords to Analytics:

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Navigate the the Admin panel at the top of the page.
  3. Under the account column, select the account that contains the property you want to link to AdWords.
  4. Under the Property column, select the property you want to link to AdWords and click AdWords Linking.
  5. Choose which AdWords accounts you want to link. Click continue, then enter in a title
  6. Now select which Analytics views you want the AdWords data to be available. (If you have created additional reporting views for your account, more options will be available here.)
  7. Click Advanced Settings and make sure auto-tagging is enabled.
  8. Finally, check off Share my Analytics data. This will send data from Analytics back to AdWords for additional metrics on determining your ad’s return on investment.
  9. Click Link Accounts and you’re done!


Congratulations, your AdWords and Analytics accounts are now linked! All incoming data from AdWords will now be associated with conversions from your ads. This information can be accessed at anytime through Google Analytics under the AdWords reports tab.

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