Is it Time to Say Goodbye to Your Business’s Computer Software?

JP Lessard October 31, 2014

Many businesses rely on software systems or applications to perform their core business processes. These systems are typically used daily by employees, but how many companies are actually taking the time to sit down and evaluate their computer software to make sure it is performing all the necessary functions for their business? Obviously businesses want their software to run fast and without errors, but beyond those technical aspects, it is important to ask if there is a better system out there that can make your business run more efficiently.

Whether it is changing over to a new application or considering a custom solution for your company, having new software could do wonders for making your business more organized and productive. Could your company use an upgrade or a chance in one or more of your software systems? Here are some key questions to consider when determining whether to say goodbye to your computer software:


What are your employees saying about your current software systems?


The employees are the ones who have to work with the computer software on a daily basis, so they will often be very good judges of how effectively it is performing for your business. Encourage your employees to provide feedback. If there is a common issue that multiple employees report encountering, it could very well be something that is holding back your business. In addition to being receptive to issues your employers encounter with your current system(s), also try to gauge overall feedback on it as a whole. After all, your employees drive the production of your business, so they should be using systems that allow them to complete their work as efficiently as possible.


How accessible are your computer software systems?

If you are using a system that is not simultaneously available to everyone who needs it, that should raise some red flags. This would not be an issue for something individuals would use every once in a while, but if a core software system of yours has user limitations, then that could hinder employees trying to complete some of their tasks. Having to wait until someone else is logged out or done viewing a specific piece of data before another can log in is certainly not an efficient way for employees to operate.


Are you able to access your systems outside of the office? In today’s business climate, employees need to be able to work from home or on the go. If your computer software is not web-based, your users may need to go through extra steps like setting up VPN connections to remote into their workstations at the office. Having responsive web-based software would make your systems even more accessible, as users could log in and perform processes from any type of smartphone or tablet.



How streamlined are your software systems?

Are you regularly completing a five step process that could be done in two steps? If your company is using different systems for related processes, there may be a way to integrate the systems in order to prevent your users from having to enter the same data multiple times or complete almost the same process more than once.  Having fewer streamlined systems can also help greatly for your business’s organization as well as analysis. More of your data can be in one central location, allowing for more comprehensive and easier report generation along with better collaboration among multiple employees as well as your customers or any third party vendors.
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