Is Your Homepage…Friendly?

Adam Grobelny October 2, 2014

Recently, Small Business Trends reported that 70 percent of B2B websites boast a glaringlack in a “call to action” for site visitors. Not much to brag about there.


Evidently, B2B businesses often overlook the importance of engaging potential clients with a homepage that does more than illustrate the company’s products and services. So, what’s lacking out there? According to Small Business Trends, homepages that are not engaging site visitors are devoid of:

Newsletter subscription invitations

Product demos

Requests for a consultation, estimate or quote

White Papers

Special Offers

Creating a homepage that does not deliver a “call to action” is like arming a sales professional with no business cards, collateral materials – or personality.

Potential clients often judge a new vendor or service provider simply on the merits of its website. Is the website attractive, conveying clear service messages and offering the opportunity to get a comprehensive snapshot of the expertise and strengths of the business? Is there a call to action on the homepage – a “talk live” opportunity for an immediate consultation or an enticing invitation to demo a leading solution?

If your website is currently lacking in the “call to action” department, here are a few tips to help you revitalize the way your website is speaking to your prospective clients.



A Winning Welcome: Everyone wants to feel welcomed. A visitor to your website is no different. Greet your visitors by providing content laden with creative messaging designed to show each visitors how much you appreciate their time. Crisp copywriting, using powerful words and concise and clear “action triggers” improve the effectiveness of any homepage. Encourage visitors to sign-up for your newsletter and illustrate right away that you are a company with expertise to share. When a visitor feels “this is a vendor that is vested” in sharing information, expertise and resources, the inclination on the part of the visitor to initiate a dialog increases.


Where’s Your Social Media? Your social media platforms are great ambassadors for your company and its branding. How do you encourage people to visit you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest? Social media displays can be highly effective “call to action” opportunities for businesses – if visitors to your website can easily view them. Where is your Facebook invite? If your social media icons are hanging out in the shadows of your homepage, shine a light on them. A call to action cannot be effective if nobody sees it! You have gone to the trouble of creating social media outreach for your business – why hide it? Make sure you are promoting your social media with pride!


What’s The Rush?Creating a sense of urgency can often boost the engagement of a homepage with its visitors. You can create powerful triggers for site visitors if you present an opportunity for your business that delivers a sense of “you’re missing out if you don’t click on this now” vibe. For example, you can entice visitors to register for your newsletter because by doing so they can “keep current with industry trends” or “stop wasting resources” or other fierce phrases that motivate visitors to want to be a part of something – or at least not miss out on anything!


Your Visitors Are Special. Show Them! Everyone appreciates a proposition of value. And everyone wants to be valued. Who doesn’t want to be a VIP? Create an opportunity for your homepage to display a unique opportunity for visitors – a demo, online consultation, webinar invite or even a survey. Create an opportunity to tell visitors to your site that you appreciate their time – and value their opinions, interests and goals. Think about the demographics of your target visitors. What would they appreciate seeing prominently on your homepage in terms of a special offer, contest, rewards or other unique advantage? How can you make your site’s visitors feel like VIPs? The answers can be found in leveraging newsletters, optimizing video presentations – or even honoring clients with tributes.


Next time you are perusing websites, take note of how welcome you feel by some of the homepages you land on – and objectively visit your own website to see just how friendly it feels. Remember, visitors to your website have limited time. Make their visit easy, informative and engaging!

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