Mission Creative: Enhancing our Workspace for More Creativity

Adam Grobelny July 17, 2015

BEFORE: our work space before the transition to Mission Creative

Here at Miles Technologies, we recently undertook a big project to redesign and recalibrate the workspace for our digital marketing division. Tired of the same plain walls and boring desks, we decided to create a space that promotes more of a culture of creativity and collaboration. Under the rebranded name of “Mission Creative” (our IT department works in “Mission Control” and our software development staff sits in “Mission Possible” so we had to try to fit in!) plans are underway for a rejuvenated area complete with collaboration areas, plants, new wall colors, and much more. The first phase was the construction of our new desks made from oversized lego bricks. Let’s take a look.

Big changes in our online marketing department

The lego desks in their completed form!

Prior to the launch of Mission Creative, our marketing department was essentially spread over two areas. Online marketing consultants and writers were in one room, while the website development team was in another. As you might imagine, these two teams often had to discuss projects they were working on with each other. This involved one employee getting up from their desk and trudging through the office to the room to discuss the work, before trudging back again to make the agreed upon adjustments or changes: all in all, not the most efficient setup. By moving both groups into the same space and having the consultants and writers sit among the web developers, this collaboration process is a whole lot easier.

By building our own over-sized lego desks, we were able to structure small teams next to one another. The desks consist of large plastic lego bricks in a variety of colors that fit together to form a base for a glass pane to rest on top of. Naturally, people had fun with building these– coming up with designs of their own, creating walls or extra legroom as they saw fit. The new lego desks are a far cry from the old dark wooden desks we were working at previously.

As you can see from the before and after pictures, our new space is already looking more fun and creative. Plus, we’re not even finished! Plans are afoot for the walls to be painted green and blue and to utilize chalkboard paint to enable even more room for collaboration.

Finding creativity and collaboration in our new workspace

One way of defining creativity is the act of matching solutions to problems faster. By putting together a fun environment together, we hope that we’ll be able to solve the issues and challenges that inherently crop up each day when working at a digital marketing agency. Whether it’s how to build more links, improve a website’s SEO, or come up with an interesting blog topic, we’re confident those ideas will come more freely in our new surroundings. Not only will the new workspace be more fun and relaxing– itself an excellent environment for increased creativity– but our ability to communicate across the team more easily should help us reach those ideas.

If we view an idea as a collection of existing parts, then it’s clear how our new office arrangement should help. By having each part of the digital marketing team within the same space, interacting and collaborating, it should be easier to find the ideas we’re looking for. Creative ideas are within a digital marketing team, it’s just a question of finding them. A useful analogy is the always irritating “tip-of-the-tongue” phenomenon: that infuriating moment when you can’t remember an actor’s name or some other piece of useless trivia, but you’re certain you know it. The information or idea is in there somewhere, it’s just a matter of finding the right connections to bring it out. Our new office space facilitates and increases those connections— finding and uncovering creative ideas for our clients’ marketing strategies.

AFTER: the first phase of Mission Creative is done!

By placing our online marketing experts, content creators, and web team in the same space, collaboration on projects is now easier than ever before. Whereas before, the web team was secluded in a separate room and walking over to collaborate with them was something of a chore, collaboration can now easily take place within the pods of desks. Having each component of our marketing team in the same area facilitates creativity and collaboration for everyone.

We’re very excited about our new space, even as it takes its final form. We’ve already felt an increase in the atmosphere of creativity and collaboration, and can’t wait for more!

Check out our time-lapse video below to see our creative building in action!

What’s your workspace setup like? What impact do you feel it has on your creativity and collaboration? Let us know in the comments below.

If you would like to learn more about the value of having a creative team of marketers and web developers as part of a digital marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us today to speak with a digital marketing expert.

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