Oreo: 4 Cookie-Cutter Strategies To Social Media Stardom

Kimberly Burghart October 2, 2014

Do you want your social media power to be as good as the social media genius, Oreo? You should!

Oreo, that sweet, delicious, daring little cookie. Oreo bravely tested creative waters in social media – turning a Super Bowl blackout into a brilliant, viral social media win, getting crazy with hashtags like #DunkSwag, #OreoSnackHacks and #OreoFortunes and leveraging an ingenious use of video to show how Oreo cookies simply make life better.

Oreo’s Instagram is loaded with images likening Oreos to fine cuisine, art and seasonal glee. The company’s scores of recipes for Oreo goodness are captivating the masses with tens of thousands of tweets and retweets – who ever dreamed one cookie could wear so many luscious, sugary hats. Oreo can boast over 500,000 followers on Twitter and more than 38 million on Facebook. Maybe Oreo doesn’t need milk to be famous! In fact, Oreo is socially trending so hot, people are going to tweeting: #GotOreo?

Recently, Marie Alonso, social media and content strategist at Miles Technologies, shared her views on what makes Oreo an exceptional social media teacher. In an article for Social Media Today, Alonso asserts Oreo’s social media creativity may seem spontaneous at times, but it is all very calculated – and well worth emulating for companies that want to be social media stars.

Oreo 101: 4 Cookie-Cutter Strategies to Social Media Stardom

How Sweet Is Your Social Media? You have to be creative and consistent to make it big in social media! The online marketing and social media experts at Miles Technologies know this all too well! If your social media could use a little “something” to better promote your business and branding, Contact Us!

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