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  • Top 4 Spine-Chilling Tech Challenges

    Written by: Miles Technologies

    Cybercriminals, Old Software, Missing Metrics, Oh My! Before the ghouls and goblins come a knockin’ at your door, demanding candy and threatening trickery, we want to give you your first scare of the day. (more…) READ MORE >>

  • How-To: Make a GIF Like a Pro

    Written by: Adam Grobelny

    How-To: Make a GIF Like a Pro You’ve seen them in emails, on social media, and in blogs. GIFs are everywhere and it’s become even easier to participate in this growing trend. If you don’t know how to get started, that’s where this guide comes in. GIFs are a great way to increase engagement with your content and online brand, and the process of using them is simple and fun. You can choose to surf through a directory, or you can create your own. Both options work well, but if you’re going to make a GIF yourself, you need to find the best tools. This guide goes over ways you can make a GIF based on the approach you want… READ MORE >>

  • Business Productivity and Technological Solutions: Part 4

    Written by: JP Lessard

    Building Custom Software vs. Buying Pre-Made Solutions In Part 4 of our series, we’ll discuss what factors you should be considering when comparing custom software and pre-made solutions. You should have already completed a gap analysis of your business processes in Part 3: Analysing Software Features and Creating a Comparison Chart. Now we should be able to decide whether there is a pre-made solution that fits your specific needs, or if custom software provides the flexibility and unique features your business requires. Deciding What’s Best for Your Business You’ve conducted a gap analysis of your business processes and discovered the areas that have bottlenecked your business growth. Now you can take your list of requirements and compare them with the available… READ MORE >>

  • Strategizing Your Business’s Video Advertising

    Written by: Miles Technologies

    Advertising your business through video can be a great idea. Your success, however, depends on choosing the right platform that will deliver your ads with the greatest results. In the past, YouTube was simply the go-to choice for anything video. Now that the market for online video advertising has significantly grown, more providers have tried to get in on the action. Facebook began claiming their share of the market, now providing live feeds and YouTube-style video marketing. Then you have Snapchat, a black horse creating its own unique form for delivering video advertisements. (more…) READ MORE >>

  • Mobilegeddon 2017: The War on Intrusive Interstitials

    Written by: Miles Technologies

    Preparing for Mobilegeddon 2017 - What You Need to Know With the continued rise of mobile usage taking over as the primary method of browsing the internet, appealing to consumers with mobile-responsive websites has become more important than ever. The original Mobilegeddon of 2015 shocked many unprepared companies as they watched their rankings significantly drop. Google’s recent announcement of a second coming has many worried again; however, Google insists that, “it’s not the end of the world.” (more…) READ MORE >>

  • Avoiding Business Software Delays and Abandonment

    Written by: JP Lessard

    Getting the Most from Your Business Software Development When adapting new technologies for your business, you want to achieve your end goal with as little friction as possible. It’s not uncommon however, when implementing new solutions, for your current business processes, people, and productivity to be affected by the transition to new solutions. This transition period is reason enough for many businesses to think twice about implementing a new solution or continuing on with a current project. While transitions can temporarily have a negative impact on your business, the end result should be a newly implemented solution that makes your business better and more efficient for the long-run. The longer your business waits to implement the necessary changes, the more drastic transitions… READ MORE >>

  • Business Productivity and Technological Solutions: Part 3

    Written by: JP Lessard

    Part 3: Analysing Software Features and Creating a Comparison Chart In Part 2 of our series, we went through how to run a software needs discovery and evaluated the importance of each requirement. Part 3 of our series will take you through the process of setting up a software comparison chart for finding the best solutions for your business’s needs. (more…) READ MORE >>

  • Hosted vs Self-Hosted eCommerce Solutions

    Written by: Miles Technologies

    Choosing the Right eCommerce Solution for Your Business The type of eCommerce platform you choose today is extremely impactful to your business potential in the future. When looking at eCommerce, you have two choices: hosted vs self-hosted. Since every business decision you make should be carefully considered, we’re here to help break down the benefits of each. Hosted vs Self-Hosted Hosted solutions like Shopify, Volusion, and BigCommerce, are platforms run and maintained by a 3rd party host on their server. These platforms provide users with a management portal in which they can edit premade templates and control built-in features that cover some basic eCommerce needs. Users also have the option of buying additional premade features through their host’s app store.… READ MORE >>

  • Is Shopify Right for Me?

    Written by: Christina Rickabaugh

    Choosing Between Hosted and Self-Hosted eCommerce Platforms If you’re in the market for a new eCommerce platform, there are a few popular platforms that stand out: Shopify, the most popular hosted eCommerce provider, Volusion, and BigCommerce. You may have also noticed a free self-hosted solutions like Magento and WooCommerce. With two different types of platforms and multiple options for each type, you may be thinking, “which one is right for me?” We got you covered. Here’s what to look at when deciding on a hosted eCommerce platform like Shopify compared to self-hosted options like Magento:software (more…) READ MORE >>

  • How-To: Up Your Ad Game with Facebook and Google Interests

    Written by: Miles Technologies

    What is Interest-Based Advertising and Why Should You Care?  In this how-to post we’ll be discussing what interest-based advertising is and how Facebook and Google are using it to give advertisers the power to better target the right audiences. We’ll also break down each service and how it works on that platform specifically.  (more…) READ MORE >>

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