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What’s Your Brand Image in the Eyes of the Public? Monitoring the online reputation of yourself and your brand is crucial for success. Your reputation is primarily built from your website and the content you generate (blogs, comments, social networking). Building your reputation is only half the battle—now you have to manage it. In this […]

In this post, Joe Zeoli, Senior Website and Graphics Developer at Miles Technologies, discusses the psychology concept of The Halo Effect, and how it applies to your website design. We try to not “judge a book by its cover,” but unfortunately we do it every day without realizing it. There is an extremely well-studied term in social […]

Building a brand is connecting with your customers emotionally. Building a brand is rewarding, cultivating, informing and entertaining your brand’s loyal customers. Building a brand is being consistent with all that embodies your brand and communicating a clear and understood message about your services, expertise and mission. Building a brand isn’t easy. It’s one extremely […]

Developing Your Online Content Marketing Strategy As each New Year approaches, zealous campaigns are created to boost the lead generation, brand awareness and social engagement goals of inspired businesses. Is your business conceptualizing its marketing strategy for 2015? Ask yourself the following: Are you launching a new product or service? Do you need to improve […]

Hey, we’re all human. Mistakes happen, especially in social media! The poorly timed Tweet. The politically sensitive Facebook image. The not-such-a-great-idea hashtag. The clever post that demonstrated to the world you don’t follow current news. The unfortunate late Friday afternoon tweet when your social media manager forgot they were not on their personal Twitter account. […]

What is the difference between a social media participant and a social media influencer? In most cases — some, not all — the key differentiation is pure personality. The flavor of social media posts, visual content and engaging interactions! This goes for global brands, tech businesses, massive enterprises, local community centers, corner bakeries — the […]

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