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Halloween Technology Challenges

Cybercriminals, Old Software, Missing Metrics, Oh My!

Before the ghouls and goblins come knockin’ at your door, we want to give you something to really be afraid of!

Here are five of the scariest technology challenges your business can face today!

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How to Keep Your Remote Employees Connected Winter is here, marking the beginning of the holiday season. Between winter break at schools , bad weather, and vacations to warmer destinations, there can be a lot of distractions that pull employees away from the office. During these winter months, it’s important to accommodate for situations where […]

Cloud security issues have you feeling under the weather? Cloud computing isn’t the future of business. It’s what companies are doing right now to make their businesses better. Cloud computing is a fantastic option for many businesses seeking increased productivity, collaboration, and mobile accessibility  while decreasing costs. The concern many business professionals have is the […]

  Summer vacation season is just around the corner. After Memorial Day, it might seem like your office has a revolving door of employees taking time off to visit the beach, family, or even foreign locales while the sun is shining and the schools are closed. By definition, vacation time should be used for, well, […]

Depending on the industry your business operates in, there may be specific compliance regulations regarding the handling of data that you need to conform with. Whether it’s HIPAA, HITECH, or PCI DSS, these regulations are put in place to protect consumer information with technological standards and best practices. A problem businesses often run into with […]

It seems that barely a month goes by these days without stories in the media of another high-profile data leak. Data breaches in past years at Target, Sony, and Home Depot have been joined by the recent leak involving online dating service, Ashley Madison. With these breaches seemingly becoming more and more common, is there […]

In running a successful company, IT has become such a vital component that business owners often feel like they can’t spend any time away from their business. To keep employees working productively and efficiently, everything from individual workstations and software to servers and network maintenance needs to run smoothly together. Business continuity plans are a […]

Protecting your business from a major incident is crucial for companies of all sizes. When you think of the term “cyber security,” what is the first thing that comes to mind? Hi-tech firewalls or data encryptions? Protecting your network from intruders? While those are certainly important elements of cyber security, there is a whole lot […]

The recent revelation that Hillary Clinton did not use an official government email address during her four years as Secretary of State teaches us important lessons about having a sound business email policy. The intersection of business email policy and information security was brought to the forefront recently, when during a House Committee investigation into […]

What Does this Mean For Your Company’s Information Security? You may have read or heard about the recent Superfish Lenovo security fiasco (for lack of a better word) that has most recently resulted in Lenovo and Superfish being hit with class-action lawsuits charging them with “fraudulent business practices” as well as Lenovo’s website being breached […]

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