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If your digital marketing plan isn’t working, most of the time it’s because your targeting is too broad, not defined at all, or you’re not targeting the right people. A recent statistic made sense of why so many companies struggle to reach their target audience. Almost half (47%) of businesses who are doing digital marketing […]

Always Know What’s Being Said About Your Brand People could be discussing your brand online (maybe right now!) and you might not even know it. You might even be missing important news, events, or changes in your industry that could affect how you do business. Staying on top of the latest news and updates is […]

Get Results with Remarketing  Remarketing allows users greater control over their ad campaigns with more precise targeting. By keeping track of who has visited your site, Google lets you target those past visitors for direct advertising. Google also tracks where the user left off on your site—so if they had products left in their cart, […]

Building Your Brand Using Influencers  Influencer marketing has become paramount with the rise and here-to-stay presence of social media. Now more than ever, influencers have by far the greatest reach to consumers compared to any other point in time. Today, social media platforms provide a medium for distributing instantly accessible information and allows producers of […]

Optimizing Your Search  Keyword research, the foundation for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is an integral part in delivering quality content to relevant consumers. Today, getting organic content to reach a target audience can seem near impossible when competing against hundreds of similar businesses. You may have already tried using keywords in the past with little […]

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