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How to Keep Your Remote Employees Connected Winter is here, marking the beginning of the holiday season. Between winter break at schools , bad weather, and vacations to warmer destinations, there can be a lot of distractions that pull employees away from the office. During these winter months, it’s important to accommodate for situations where […]

Part 1: How to Proactively Address Business Problems Welcome to our four-part series, Business Productivity and Technological Solutions. In this series we’ll walk you through how to address business problems, discovering what technological solutions your business needs, comparing available technologies, and whether to build or buy solutions. With our first entry, we’ll discuss how you […]

Here’s what to expect when commissioning your own customized software. When most people think of software, they think of a boxed product like Microsoft Word, the default word processing software application for most individuals and institutions. SalesForce, Quickbooks, and Photoshop are other software options that are often purchased for more specialized use. Custom software is […]

Which Magneto platform is right for you? Magento is a leading eCommerce provider which offers two open-source platforms: Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. At first glance both platforms have similar features, however what most people notice is the Community Edition is FREE while the Enterprise Edition carries the hefty annual fee of $15,000. So what […]

  Summer vacation season is just around the corner. After Memorial Day, it might seem like your office has a revolving door of employees taking time off to visit the beach, family, or even foreign locales while the sun is shining and the schools are closed. By definition, vacation time should be used for, well, […]

What makes a great place to work? For the third year running, Miles Technologies was named one of the top 3 Best Places to Work for large businesses by Philadelphia Business Journal. Not to brag, but we feel pretty good about it! The award represents something we’ve been building toward since 1997– creating a work […]

The Miles Technologies headquarters are located in Moorestown, NJ, just over the Delaware River from the city of Philadelphia. The whole area is currently abuzz with anticipation for Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia on September 26th and 27th, as it’s estimated that over one million visitors will be making their way into the city for […]

Depending on their size, IT projects can be an enormous undertaking both in terms of time and resources. According to one survey, 50% of businesses had an IT project fail during 2013. That’s a staggeringly large proportion and speaks to the enormous burden remaining on IT departments to pick up the pieces of these failed […]

Summer is often a time when employees are in and out of the office taking some well-earned vacation time. However, if not handled correctly, vacation time can cause disruption for a business and the employees back at the office. By taking proactive measures and utilizing technology to their advantage, employees going on vacation can minimize […]

In order to remain competitive and continue to increase revenue, business owners must constantly be thinking about ways to help their employees become more productive. Advancements in technology mean new tools are increasingly available making it easier to get work done. Ideally, technology serves to augment employees’ work, but if it’s utilized incorrectly or ineffectively, […]

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