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How-To: Find and Use Long-tail Keywords

Written by: Kimberly Burghart

Optimizing Your Search  Keyword research, the foundation for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is an integral part in delivering quality content to relevant consumers. Today, getting organic content to reach a target audience can seem near impossible when competing against hundreds of similar businesses. You may have already tried using keywords in the past with little […]

How-To: Setup and Use Google Tag Manager

Written by: Kimberly Burghart

Better Marketing Through Better Analytics Using analytic tools can be extremely useful for those wanting to learn more about their audience. Common 3rd party platforms like Google Analytics are used for observing consumer’s online interactions through tracking conversions, page views, sources, and how users navigate through websites. When taking your first steps, Google Tag Manager […]

Looking Back at Google’s April 21st Algorithm Update

Written by: Kimberly Burghart

Back on April 21st, 2015, a major update to Google’s search algorithm went into effect. Subsequently referred to as “Mobilegeddon” by some in the digital marketing world, Google updated how their search rankings were calculated to take into account a website’s mobile-friendliness. This left some business owners feeling vulnerable and web design companies working to […]

How Changes to Your Website Can Affect Marketing Efforts

Written by: Adam Grobelny

Having a website as part of your online marketing strategy, it can be difficult to know what changes to make. While it’s important to experiment with your website and look for small improvements, it’s vital to understand what changes to make and how they can affect your marketing successes. Let’s take a look at some […]

Four Components of a Great Marketing Team

Written by: John Bialous

Effective marketing is key for any business looking to gain new clients and expand their revenue. But what makes a great marketing team? A great marketing team takes a group of people working together toward the goal of ensuring clients are satisfied, and the digital marketing strategy they create should cultivate leads and turn those […]

4 SEO Myths to Stop Believing Right Now

Written by: Kimberly Burghart

The questions of “What is SEO?” or “How do I optimize my website for search engines?” can be complex and mysterious, as if marketers are trying to access a hidden diamond in a safe deep within the walls of popular search engines. While there may be no “magic bullet” answer to these questions, practicing sound […]

Local SEO: Is Your Business Being Found In Search Engines

Written by: Kimberly Burghart

Local SEO is a hugely important topic these days, especially for businesses.  If you have a location or locations that customers can visit, having a presence in local search results is the best way to get more people through the door.  It’s elementary when you think about it! Locality and proximity is what it’s all […]

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