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Building Your Brand Using Influencers  Influencer marketing has become paramount with the rise and here-to-stay presence of social media. Now more than ever, influencers have by far the greatest reach to consumers compared to any other point in time. Today, social media platforms provide a medium for distributing instantly accessible information and allows producers of […]

Potential Integration of Microsoft Products in LinkedIn After gambling on Skype in 2011 ($8.5b) and Nokia in 2013 ($7.9b), Microsoft is rolling big with its recently announced $26.2 billion dollar purchase of LinkedIn—but enough about numbers. Anyone who has used LinkedIn has noticed the growing amount of clutter over the years. What started out as […]

Recently, Small Business Trends reported that 70 percent of B2B websites boast a glaringlack in a “call to action” for site visitors. Not much to brag about there.   Evidently, B2B businesses often overlook the importance of engaging potential clients with a homepage that does more than illustrate the company’s products and services. So, what’s […]

Hey, we’re all human. Mistakes happen, especially in social media! The poorly timed Tweet. The politically sensitive Facebook image. The not-such-a-great-idea hashtag. The clever post that demonstrated to the world you don’t follow current news. The unfortunate late Friday afternoon tweet when your social media manager forgot they were not on their personal Twitter account. […]

What is the difference between a social media participant and a social media influencer? In most cases — some, not all — the key differentiation is pure personality. The flavor of social media posts, visual content and engaging interactions! This goes for global brands, tech businesses, massive enterprises, local community centers, corner bakeries — the […]

Do you want your social media power to be as good as the social media genius, Oreo? You should! Oreo, that sweet, delicious, daring little cookie. Oreo bravely tested creative waters in social media – turning a Super Bowl blackout into a brilliant, viral social media win, getting crazy with hashtags like #DunkSwag, #OreoSnackHacks and […]

Shark Tank, the critically-acclaimed business-themed show that pits investor sharks against unique new businesses hot for investor dollars, is loaded with strategies for business success. It’s also full of tips for making the most of your social media. Anyone who has seen the show knows the cast of characters: Billionaire Mark Cuban, owner and chairman […]

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