The Telltale Signs You May Need Custom Software for Your Business

JP Lessard October 2, 2014

Imagine all the information that you need to run your business is always up to date and at your fingertips 24/7. Imagine no longer having to print and mail bills and invoices. Imagine your office without the paper! Custom business software can improve your customer service, lower your costs, and allow you to make better informed decisions.

So, how do you know when custom software can improve the health of your business? Many business ailments have symptoms which are easy to spot once you start looking for them. Some of these symptoms may indicate a custom software cure.


You may need custom software if…

1. Any key business process depends upon an Excel spreadsheet.
2. You manually enter the same data more than once.
3. You use paper forms for ANYTHING.
4. Customers have to call or email you to find out the status of their order.
5. Clients cannot view and pay invoices online.
6. You do not know how much/many of each product is available for sale.
7. You have to run a report in order to get up-to-date company performance information.
8. Your employees have to be encouraged to actually use your current system.
9. You depend upon software or data which is not available simultaneously to everyone who needs it.
10. Your business support software is not accessible from any web-connected computer.
11. You’re paying for full support for a comprehensive software package and you use only one or two components.
12. Your employees have to physically check to see if an item is in stock.
13. Key business information is stored only on individual employees’ desks, on their workstations, or in their heads.
14. Any key business process can be disrupted by someone deleting an email or throwing out a piece of paper.
15. Your employees are actually asking you for better tools and systems.
16. Your business rules and processes are not standardized or compliance is low. Everyone does it “their own way.”


Sound familiar? If your organization is experiencing any of these symptoms, take two aspirin and call me in the morning!

Taylor Adair is the Director of Enterprise Solutions at Miles Technologies. Special thanks to Wayne Rossi (Senior Software Developer) and other Miles Technologies staff for their input.

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