Website Madness: 4 Warning Signs That A Graphic Design Studio Is Big Trouble

Christina Rickabaugh November 7, 2014

You are ready to commit to a new website design – and you are excited. You are even interested in developing a new corporate logo and awesome infographics that support your diverse services. You are pumped with creative energy and ready to take the plunge and commit time and resources to bringing your new website and creative design visions to fruition.


There’s just one problem: You need to find the right graphic design studio!

One way to make sure you commit to the right graphic design partner is to make sure to avoid the telltale signs that the graphic design studio you are considering is literally toxic. Here are 4 warning signs that the graphic design studio currently romancing you is serious trouble!


What Design Portfolio? An exceptional graphic design studio will have a spectacular design portfolio, featuring diverse and inspirational samples of a variety of successful projects. The design portfolio will include websites, infographics, logos and impressive examples of the design studio’s mastery of typography, illustration and more. No design portfolio, featuring successful projects delivered to happy clients, means the graphic design studio is not what it appears. Beware!


Where’s The Dedication? A graphic design studio worthy of your attention will be one that demonstrates a clear focus and a dedicated team of creative professionals willing to provide the highest degree of graphic design services. The dedication of the team should be apparent, with the sharing of professional portfolios and skillsets. Your graphic design project needs to be delivered by experts in graphic design, creating branding, mobile marketing and web development. If the team you are meeting with does not combine both aesthetics and functionality – and they do not offer you the opportunity to review the skillsets of their team members – you are dealing with a team weak in dedication.


Where’s The Branding Expertise? A graphic design studio needs to be more than a creative design firm – it needs to be a branding firm too. Watch out for boutique design studios that are light on graphic designers and lacking in website design inspiration. The studio team you select should have a body of well-designed websites that reflect not only great design techniques, but also deliver a solid sense of brand identity and brand awareness. If the graphic design studio you are meeting with lacks a flare for brand-making designs, seek out a studio that understands the art of creating a brand – your brand.


What’s Their Identity? Wait…They Don’t Have One? You want to be impressed by your graphic design firm – and its website. That means you want to see a stylish website that delivers not only the design firm’s corporate branding and creative philosophy, but also showcases experienced designers, writers, developers, programmers and, of course, a massive display of creative work. You also want to know the graphic design studio in question has produced great creative results for its clients. All of this can be established by digging into the identity of the graphic design studio. If their website is devoid of creativity and a proven track record of successful projects, move on. If a graphic design studio fails at conveying its own identity, how can it possibly be the right design firm to convey your identity?


When shopping for the right graphic design studio for you, do not settle for mediocrity. Seek out a studio that is tailored to your goals and objectives, one with exceptional references and an impressive design history. It may take a little more time to find the perfect graphic design studio, but your quest will be well worth your time and energy when you receive spectacular creative services.


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