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What Is Responsive Design?

Christina Rickabaugh March 2, 2017

What is Responsive Design?

Whether a user is accessing your site through a smartphone or a powerful desktop computer, they should have a positive experience with your site. Responsive design does just that! It allows your website to be scaled down by reorganizing the website’s elements in a user friendly way. Design, readability, and functionality are all considerations that web design companies make when ensuring a website works across devices.

Traditionally, websites were designed only to be viewed on large-screen desktop computers. As smartphones, tablets, and other smaller, more mobile devices came into usage, this presented a problem of how to view websites on these machines. As a result, some web developers create mobile friendly websites. These sites are developed to have the same features on both desktop and mobile versions, however, these sites, though consistent across platforms, tend to have decreased usability since they are optimized for no one.

Today, with over 50% of internet usage coming from mobile devices, having a website with a responsive design will drastically improve your site’s user experience!

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