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Grow your business with the power of technology.

Technology improves every core function of a modern B2B company. Your workstations and devices are used daily by your employees, and they need to work properly so workers can can get the job done and you can grow your business. A major part of growth is connecting with the businesses that need your products and services. Your technology should aid in your growth and success.

Don't worry about wires and wi‑fi

Getting buried in time-consuming, mundane tasks caused by technical difficulties keeps you from planning for the future. Having a reliable infrastructure allows you to concentrate on the bigger picture: accomplishing your goals.

Make connections through digital marketing

When businesses are your consumers, you need a plan to reach them. Just like any other buyer, they are looking for products that meet their needs. Businesses, however, are also looking to solve their own problems and want a partner that can help them achieve their goals.

Systems that run business better

Technology aids business productivity, offering ways to do more with less. Time is costly and with integrated systems that improve efficiency and help you control costs, you and your employees will be able to better spend your time on the processes that improve your business.

Technology and tools that get you closer to success.

  • Get your systems up to date:
  • Audits and compliance
  • Cloud-based computing
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Plan your vision with customized solutions:
  • Software integration
  • CRM systems
  • Lead generation
  • Ongoing marketing and technology support plans:
  • Marketing automation
  • Branding
  • Social media campaigns

“Miles Technologies is a leader in 21st century technology but you still have that personal touch to help a medium-sized business like mine. I can put a face to a name, I know who the players are, I know who the team is - it's comforting because I can then align myself with you as my technology group. If you were a face-less, name-less entity, we couldn't accomplish that.”

— Gary Borne, COO
PSS Warehousing & Transportation Co. Inc.
Customer Since 2003

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