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Data security

Many large data breaches have occurred. With the right protections in place and assistance with security best practices, you can cut down your security risk.

Cloud computing

Data loss is devastating. Physical hardware is susceptible to damage ranging from unpredicted crashes to natural disasters. Plan properly to prevent data loss.


Many processes can be automated, but some still require a human touch. Strike the right balance between efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Managing costs while managing technology.

With seasonally-dependent budgets that fluctuate with economic conditions, you may think cutting-edge technology is out of reach. It's not. Fixed-price support plans and projects allow you to maintain and upgrade your technology without risk.

  • Cloud-based computing
  • Server consolidation
  • Data automation
  • CRM/donor databases
  • Email marketing
  • Virtual environments
  • Website design
  • Digital marketing
  • Cybersecurity

“Just wanted to express, yet again, the high caliber of professionalism and friendliness offered by the Miles team. You were great and flexible with scheduling and overseeing the resolution process. You're very professional, very friendly, and very knowledgeable. Thanks again for all of your hard work!”

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Bayside Chapel
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