Transportation and Distribution

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Use technology to grow your transportation reputation.

In the transportation industry, market share is based on reputation, and reputation is based on your ability to complete your transport quickly and efficiently. Technology plays a key role in getting your fleets moving and keeping them going.

Inventory control systems

Managing inventory isn't as simple as tallying the number of crates in your possession. Devices like tablets and barcode scanners need to communicate with your operating systems so you can always have accurate counts and know the location of every item.

Business workflow tools

Your entire business operates in a workflow. Items, and data related to those items, flow from one place or department to another. Making sure things don't get lost in the process requires a system that works as seamlessly as you do.

Marketable differences

Gaining new business takes marketing strategy, and building a strategy around your differentiators is key. Incorporating customer-facing technologies like web-based services and mobile apps make you more appealing to increasingly tech-savvy customers.

Get moving and keep going.

  • Cloud computing
  • Branding
  • Inventory control systems
  • Surveillance systems
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Website design
  • Accounting systems
  • ERP & CRM
  • Mobile applications
  • Server virtualization
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Data backups

“I actually got introduced to Miles Technologies through a recommendation back in 2001 and I was immediately impressed. They always have such integrity with business practices, they are heavily involved in charities. Any time I've had any problem that I brought to anyone's attention at Miles, they've immediately been on it.”

— Lori Gardner, IT Manager
Kramer Beverage Company
Customer Since 2001

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