Case Study: Optimizing a Manufacturer’s Wireless Network

Miles Technologies works to improve the wireless speed of a healthcare product manufacturer by optimizing their facility’s wireless network configuration.

The Client

RTLS Healthcare Product Manufacturer

The client is a premier manufacturer of RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems) products for the healthcare industry. The RTLS products they create allow for the tracking of equipment and staff within healthcare facilities. The technology environment the manufacturer works in is cloud-based, consisting mostly of applications provided via hosted services and cloud products.

The Challenge

Overuse and Slowdown of WiFi Network

The client’s RTLS products operate on wireless channels which are also used by WiFi. This created interference and issues between the company’s engineering and office staff. While the engineering team would test and deploy new RTLS advancements, the office staff could feel ramifications of this wireless interference hindering connectivity and slowing the network. Additionally, users traversing the office would notice frequent disconnects from wireless.

The Strategy

Creating Two Separate Wireless Networks

Miles Technologies wanted to fix this challenge with two methods that would ensure both engineering and office staff could use their respective networks simultaneously.

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Separating Network Usage

The first method was to ensure office staff had their own wireless network completely separated from the engineering teams usage. This would allow the engineering team to deploy tests at any time without placing a heavy load on the other network.

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Improving Wireless Connectivity

The second was to ensure this office staff wireless network was configured to avoid the channels and signals being used by engineering. This would allow both networks to coexist within the same facility without interrupting each other’s channels.

The Solution

Optimizing Wireless Network Bandwidth Usage


We started by performing a detailed wireless analysis to determine the best placement and configuration of the wireless network for their office layout. This would help ensure seamless connectivity from one side of the facility to the other.


Once placements were determined, we delivered and installed nine wireless Cisco access points in the specified locations.


The access points were then configured for secure wireless connectivity and operation on separate wireless channels.


A test was then run to ensure all devices would continue to work as intended after replacement of existing access points.

The Results

A High-Performing Wireless Network

The client’s office and engineering staff are now coexisting in the same wireless spectrum. Wireless access for both teams has been stable and high-performing since implementing the new wireless network solution.

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One Office, Two Networks

The company’s engineers can now run tests on RTLS healthcare products without overloading the network.

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Seamless Connectivity

Our strategic placement of access points ensures a seamless connection from one side of the office to the other.

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High-Speed WiFi

Office staff now have a reliable connection to internet-based resources like file sharing, email, and web-browsing.

Improve Your Network Connectivity

Miles Technologies helps businesses focus on what matters most: their business. When technology is slowing you down, Miles can help get you back to speed. As businesses become more reliant on dependable wireless networks and high-speed connectivity, we provide the help they need to keep technology up-to-date, secure, simple, and fast.

“The entire scope of this project was a large endeavor for my company but I’m sure routine for yours. Nevertheless, I appreciate the effectiveness and response time routinely demonstrated by Miles Technologies and am always a gratified client. “

~Samn Raffaniello, Director of Administration and Project Services
Hibernaid, Inc.
Troy, NY
Customer Since 2008

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