Case Study: Enabling Scalability With Healthcare IT Solutions

Miles Technologies works to improve the scalability of a healthcare practitioner by standardizing their technologies and computing processes.

The Client

A Healthcare Practitioner

The client is an established healthcare practitioner with offices based out of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Before coming to Miles Technologies, the practice relied on a local hosting solution for their productivity tools and used an array of devices, old and new, to access their services.

The Challenge

Unstandardized Business Technologies

The issue of scalability facing the client stemmed from their locally hosted systems and the lack of standardized devices. This caused problems with their overall security and the ease of connectivity to their productivity tools. With a lack of standardization, some devices were more vulnerable than others as well as difficult to use when it came to working remotely.

The Strategy

Simplifying Technology and Software Systems

The goal was to create device independence by standardizing the practice’s technology and moving away from locally hosted productivity tools.

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Moving to the Cloud

Miles Technologies would help the practice move from their current locally hosted EMR, Allscripts, to athenahealth, a cloud solution. This would make systems more secure and keep their client data protection up to industry standards.

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Creating Device Independence

Miles would also help standardize the practice’s technologies such as workstations, laptops, and networking to make accessing their systems simple and secure. This would make working remotely and adding future workstations simple.

The Solution

Move to the Cloud and Standardize Technologies


First, Miles helped to transfer the client’s data from Allscripts to the cloud service, athenahealth. This would allow doctors of the practice to access the systems and data they need regardless of which office they were working in.


Miles then worked to create device independence by standardizing the devices used and the software they run on. Along with athenahealth, this would ensure secure connections and make the process of accessing systems similar across all devices.


Once policies for standardization were in place, Miles continued to support the practice under the Miles Assurance Plan. Now the office no longer has to worry about keeping devices or software up-to-date and their systems are more secure.

The Results

A Highly Scalable and Secure Infrastructure

After moving to the cloud and standardizing devices, the practice in now able to securely access software systems without going through complicated VPNs or other cumbersome security measures. With the Miles Assurance Plan, Miles now takes care of all the practice’s technology needs, allowing the practice to focus on bigger things like expanding their offices.


Highly Available Systems

The healthcare practice’s systems and client data are now all securely stored and run from the cloud, accessible from anywhere.


Secured Computing Environment

The practice’s new cloud solution in conjunction with standardized devices and the Miles Assurance Plan keeps their technology secure and up to date.


Predictable Technology Budget

The practice no longer worries about sporadic fees for system maintenance and business technology updates.

Improve Your Scalability

Miles Technologies helps businesses focus on what matters most: their business. When expansion is your goal, we take care of your technologies, ensuring they don’t hold you back. As technologies evolve, we help you adapt—enabling increased scalability while keeping your business ahead of the game.

“The entire scope of this project was a large endeavor for my company but I’m sure routine for yours. Nevertheless, I appreciate the effectiveness and response time routinely demonstrated by Miles Technologies and am always a gratified client.”

~Samn Raffaniello, Director of Administration and Project Services
Hibernaid, Inc.
Troy, NY

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