Case Study: IT Project Management Support

Miles Technologies works with a healthcare solutions provider to standardize technology throughout all of their offices.

The Client

An In-Home Healthcare Provider

The client is a healthcare provider with ten office locations along the Northeast coast. Recently acquired by another company, they had to bring their networking and employee workstations up to their new parent company’s security and functionality standards.

The Challenge

Short Project Timeframe and Not Enough IT Staff

Not only did the company have to standardize their technology, they had to do so within a short timeframe. With a lack of IT staff on hand, the client was unable to take on a project this big on their own. They came to Miles for help with managing the project and implementation.

The Strategy

Thorough Planning of Hardware Implementation

To complete the project within the tight deadline, strong project management between our IT efforts and the client’s would be necessary to figure out what resources would be needed at what times.

Plan Checklist

Planning the Rollout

Our plan was to assign a dedicated IT project manager to coordinate the tasks for both the Miles and client’s IT teams. The Miles IT Rollout Team would handle installations and networking while the client’s team would provide the standardized hardware.

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Working With Internal IT

To expedite the onsite installation process, the parent company’s IT department would pre-configure all new hardware to their standards. This would allow our IT Rollout Team to quickly install the hardware and set up all connections within the scheduled cutover times.

The Solution

Project Management and Rapid IT Rollout


The first step was for the dedicated project manager to scope out the work for both the Miles and client’s IT teams. The manager would continue to monitor the progress of both teams to ensure efforts on both ends would stay in line.


The next step was to install all pre-configured network equipment. The initial preparation made it so the onsite installation was as simple as swapping out the old hardware and plugging in the new equipment.


Once the new network equipment was in place, we established connectivity between the client and their new parent company. We then worked with the client’s IT team to ensure the VPN tunnel from each location was properly established.


To finalize the setup, we swapped out all old workstations with the parent company’s pre-imaged PCs and set up the user accounts in accordance with the network diagram provided by the client’s IT team.

The Results

Seamless Transition to Standardized Technology

Leveraging the Miles Rapid Response and Rollout Team in collaboration with our client’s internal IT department resulted in the following:

Multiple Devices

Secured Computing Environment

The client’s hardware was all brought up to the parent company’s standards and securely connected to the company’s network.

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Short Turnaround

Working with the client’s IT team, our detailed project management kept both their experts and ours on track.

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Minimal Impact on Operations

Project work was all completed outside of business hours, which meant no disruptions to our client’s day-to-day operations.

The client is now able to operate using the newly installed hardware that is up to their parent company’s security standards.

Accomplish Your Goals by Partnering With an IT Company

IT needs vary day-to-day, and you may not always require a full team behind you. That’s why Miles provides our IT Rapid Response and Rollout Team as an extension to your internal IT department. From project management to installations and rollouts, our experts provide the additional manpower you need to get your project across the finish line.

“I would like to mention that everyone involved in this project were terrific in the way they originally presented the various options to us and for their assistance in providing an understanding of those choices and selecting the one that best fit our needs. Once again, thank you for a job well done. Kudos all around.”

~Samn Raffaniello, Director of Administration and Project Services
Hibernaid, Inc.
Troy, NY

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