Case Study: Digital Marketing Page Traffic & Lead Generation

Miles Technologies creates a lead generation funnel for a healthcare finance company through content marketing, website optimization, email marketing, and social media.

The Client

A healthcare finance consulting company.

The client is a staffing and financial consulting firm in the healthcare industry. Their business model involves sending qualified staff to healthcare facilities that need help with finances, and they provide services to a variety of facilities nationwide.

The Challenge

The client was not generating enough leads online to support growth goals.

Limited online presence, low domain authority, and a lack of clear messaging prevented the client from reaching their lead generation goals.

Client's Obstacle

The Client’s Goal:
Increased revenue and lead generation.

Businesses providing services to healthcare facilities should stay in front of their target audiences through Digital Marketing if they hope to beat their competition. The client came to us for help with increasing their online visibility for the end purpose of accomplishing their business growth goals. They wanted to increase their revenue and add more field workers to their staff. To do so, they needed to generate more leads, and they hoped to use their website as a lead generation tool. The owner of the company also wanted to establish himself as an expert online and be recognized by name in his industry, so he needed more visibility to build that authority.

Client's Obstacle

The Client’s Obstacle:
Low online traffic and engagement.

Most of the client’s business came from word-of-mouth referrals. They had a limited online presence and low engagement on their website, blog, and social media profiles, and their website’s visitor-to-lead conversion rate was low. Previously, they’d worked with marketing companies that engaged in “black hat” search engine optimization tactics, resulting in penalties, low domain authority and low search rankings. Aside from technical factors, they didn’t have a clear picture of their target audience, and there was no consistency in their messaging and efforts to produce leads. The client didn’t highlight their differentiators because they didn’t know their own competitive advantage.

Limited online presence, low domain authority, and a lack of clear messaging that targeted customers prevented the client from reaching their lead generation goals.

The Solution

A Digital Marketing Plan with Miles Technologies.

The client was already working with Miles Technologies for IT support. After consultation with our technology experts, they decided to also begin a Digital Marketing Plan.

Industry Analysis

1. Industry Analysis

Conducting an Industry Analysis was the first step in determining how to approach the client’s marketing plan. To better understand what the client was up against, the process included in-depth research of the client’s industry and the tactics used by competitors.

Execute Your Plan

2. Identifying Differentiators

It was crucial to understand why customers should choose our client and not their competitors. Identifying our clients’ differentiators was key to helping them gain a competitive advantage. It enabled us to develop a marketing strategy that set our client apart from the crowd.

3. Creating Target Profiles:

We identified 3 profiles, or personas, that are targets for marketing:

Primary Persona

Primary Persona

The Influencer: the person experiencing problems and most likely to search for our client’s services.

Secondary Persona

Secondary Persona

The Buyer: The ultimate decision-maker and person that would agree to work with our client.

Secondary Persona

Tertiary Persona

The Expert: The client also needed to attract top talent through recruiting tactics.

Lead generation was the most important goal, so we focused on our primary and secondary personas, but we still had to appeal to candidates.

Digital Marketing Services

4. Identifying Core Messaging

Once we completed the industry analysis, identified differentiators, and fleshed out target profiles, we identified the client’s core messaging that would appeal to their target audience.

Lead Generation Goals

5. Determining Marketing Tactics

Based on our research and analysis, we decided to use a content marketing approach focused on blogging, website content, gated content pieces, social media, and email nurturing.

Our Marketing Efforts

A marketing plan focused on content creation and lead nurturing.

We’d call this section “How we worked our magic,” but there’s no magic in Digital Marketing. We approached the client’s Digital Marketing plan with a careful strategy based on research and data. The first thing we had to do for the client’s site was technical housekeeping. Once the technical cleanup was complete, we improved the website content by using their core messaging, highlighting their differentiators, and optimizing the content for search. To make it easier to guide visitors into becoming leads, we methodically placed calls to action throughout the website and made other improvements for usability.

The plan also encompassed the following efforts:

Traffic Conversion Optimization

  • Conversion Optimization
  • Leading users to landing pages (for content pieces) via calls to action on the blog and website
  • Converting users into leads by collecting contact information through “Contact Us” forms and forms for premium content

Digital Content Marketing

  • Website Content Creation
  • Creating weekly optimized blog posts about relevant topics to attract and engage visitors
  • Creating premium content pieces including white papers and infographics
  • Optimizing the website content for search engines

Generating Leads Effectively

  • Off-site Content
  • Targeting contacts via email marketing with relevant content
  • Managing and growing social media profiles
  • Hosting webinars and publishing presentations

The Result

Content, social media, and email marketing were a success for the client, who saw significant increases in website traffic and leads!

Content marketing was a successful marketing tactic for our healthcare finance client. Content was effective for driving organic traffic to the website, and email and social media promotion were the most effective methods for distributing content. As a result of our efforts on social media, the client saw an increased online presence and was positioned as an industry expert. Twitter proved to be the most effective social platform and resulted in the client getting recognition and links from industry influencers. We also triumphed with email marketing, both through workflows associated with gated content and through nurturing the client’s existing database of contacts.

Overall website traffic and organic search traffic increased.

Website visits increased from an estimated monthly average of 1,378 to a monthly average of 9,735 visitors (a 606.46% increase).

Organic search traffic increased 179.29% over the first 12-month period. This was the result of optimizing the website as well as driving people to it.

Social media marketing, particularly Twitter, was an area where we saw significant success.

Average website visitors from social increased by 8,311% over 12 months

Through our marketing efforts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, we achieved a massive increase in visitors to the client’s website from social media. In the month before we started working with the client, only a handful of visitors came from social media. After 12 months, we had a monthly average of website visitors from social that was 8,311% greater than before we started.

Twitter followers increased by 143.3%, leading to high-quality links

Twitter was a successful platform for the client, with active relevant hashtags and an engaged audience. Our content promotion campaigns and interactions with influential users generated social exposure that led to website traffic. We increased Twitter followers by 143.3% and gained quality links to the client’s website from top industry influencers and news sources.

  • Email marketing engaged targets and nurtured them from prospect to lead.
  • Visits to the website from emails increased 83%
  • Average number of leads from one-time emails: 24

  • Conversion rates on gated content and Contact Us forms exceeded the requirements for helping the customer reach their end financial goal.
  • Contact Us form submissions increased by 333%
  • Premium content generated an additional 712% overall increase in qualified contacts

Relevant Digital Marketing sets you apart from your competition.

Miles Technologies gains successful results for our Digital Marketing clients by understanding their businesses and making informed decisions based on data and research. We make it our mission to help clients achieve their Digital Marketing goals, and we respond to changes in the behaviors of online users and developments in our clients’ industries. This helps our clients outpace their competitors.

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