Case Study: Local SEO Marketing Strategy for Home Healthcare Franchise

Miles Technologies works with a nationwide home healthcare franchise to increase website traffic, generate leads, and improve search engine listings.

The Client

A nationwide in-home healthcare company

The client is a provider of home healthcare services with multiple franchise locations across the United States and offers medical and non-medical healthcare services to families with a primary focus on seniors and veterans.

The Challenge

The client was not receiving enough website traffic or leads to support growth goals.

SEO Marketing for Website Traffic

The Client’s Goals:
Increase Website Traffic and Lead Generation

Businesses in healthcare face stiff competition, but local Search Engine marketing (SEO) can help them stay ahead and reach their target audience in unique geographic locations.


The client came to us for help with increasing their organic website traffic, generating leads, and increasing their search engine rankings, especially for their franchise locations.

Search Engine Rankings

The Client’s Obstacles:
Low online traffic and
social engagement

The client’s lack of targeted shareable content, accurate listing information, and localized website content hindered them from reaching their lead generation goals.


The client required online marketing solutions tailored to each franchise location as well as a larger plan to accommodate the growth goals of the corporate team and franchisors.

The Solution

A Digital Marketing Plan with Miles Technologies.

1. Industry Analysis

The first step was conducting an industry analysis to understand how to approach the client’s digital marketing plan for their corporation as well as local SEO strategies for each of the participating franchise locations.

2. Identifying Company Differentiators

Analyzing how the client was different from other healthcare companies was imperative for a competitive edge and creating an online marketing strategy that made our client stand out from the competition.

3. Determining Marketing Tactics

Our research and analysis led us to develop a localized marketing strategy that focused on search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, social media, and lead nurturing for the client’s corporate office and franchise locations.

Our Marketing Efforts

An online marketing plan focused on content creation, local SEO, and lead nurturing.

First, we performed a technical cleanup of the client’s website and franchise pages. Then, we focused on improving the franchise web pages using locally optimized keywords for SEO and highlighting their unique services and activities. We also set up geo-targeting that used a visitor’s location to determine the franchise nearest to them and show the user-localized content on the website to increase conversion rate.

The plan included the following efforts:

SEO Marketing

Website Content Creation

  • Optimizing corporate and franchise website content for search engines so client would appear in local searches
  • Creating blogs about relevant home healthcare topics and senior health to attract visitors
  • Creating infographics, eGuides, and videos to engage visitors

Local SEO Marketing


  • Creating and optimizing unique social media profiles for individual franchise locations
  • Setting up unique Google My Business pages and local listings for locations
  • Dynamically showing content related to the website visitor’s location

Search Engine Marketing

Conversion Optimization

  • Directing users to franchise landing pages through geo-targeting, dynamic content, and calls to action
  • Converting visitors into leads by gathering contact information through submission forms for services
  • Creating templates for franchisees to encourage communication with customers to request online reviews

The Results

A significant increase in web traffic and lead generation.

Increase organic traffic


Organic traffic increased 31.01% over a three month period after updating the corporate website with targeted keywords and sharing relevant blogs and content.


Over a five-month period, the client’s overall average search engine rank increased from 78% to 83% as a result of optimizing franchise pages with local SEO, creating listings, and link building.

Search Engine Marketing


Website contact form completions rose from .96% to  1.71% over a three month period due to updating location targeting, creating dynamic content, and improving calls to action.


Traffic from Facebook increased 265.86% over a three month period when we began sharing relevant content created for the target audience, developing targeted ads, and engaging with the target audience.

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