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Drug Inventory System Case Study


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The customer was running a tracking system for the packages of drugs administered to their patients at their ophthalmologist office. These drugs are individualized, very small, and expensive when misplaced or lost. The client was looking for an improved tracking system that offered more features, better tracking processes, and was scalable so that it could be offered to doctor’s offices around the country who were experiencing similar drug tracking issues.




Miles Technologies’ team of custom software developers worked with the client to formulate an understanding of the challenges that were being experienced with the existing tracking system and ways these challenges could be addressed. The developers also strategized ways to add new features such as the ability to scan drugs into the inventory system using barcodes.

The initial version of the drug inventory system was established to use live in two practices of the client. This version satisfied the primary requirements of the software solution such as the tracking of orders and integration with the patient scheduling system. From this initial version, features and services were added along with tier one and IT support to ensure the system ran smoothly within the two practices. Improved integration with practice management systems, integration with patient scheduling in addition to building the software with additional features, had a large impact on the efficiency and productivity of those initial practices.



To ensure the system is used properly, Miles Technologies continues to provide tier one support for all customers using it, which now extends to over 60 customers, and includes encryption which ensures compliance with HIPAA and HiTech regulations. The drug inventory system provides medical practices with a billing accuracy report that matches inventory and billing to patients' records. This tracking feature offers easier troubleshooting and ensures a better flow of revenue for practices.

The system also contains a log of every action taken by each user within the system. Such a feature makes rectifying mistakes simpler through specific inventory numbers on the barcode of each drug and, in turn, increasing accountability. The drug inventory system can also be integrated with practice management software as well as drug manufacturers and distributors-- a key differentiator of the software. This means practices are able to order drugs directly within the application and that order will be tracked so offices know when it has shipped and when it's due to arrive at their location. Users are also able to track payments through the system giving practices a better idea of the actual revenue flow within their organization.



The drug inventory software system now holds a high market share and has expanded its customer base beyond ophthalmology offices into other medical practices such as retina, oncology, dermatology, internal medicine, and pediatrics. The scalability of the software means its customer base will continue to grow and bring in additional revenue for the customer. For its customers, the system minimizes the time spent by practice staff tracking inventory, filing reports, and accurately determining practice revenue flows. Saving time and creating more efficient processes are valuable across practices types and medical fields.


Moving Forward

Miles Technologies continues to work strategically with the customer to find ways to enhance the functionality of software solution. While collaborating on ways to increase functionality within it, the customer and Miles Technologies strategize on ways to decrease the support and development costs per practice and user over time and increase the profitability of the venture for the customer over time. Miles Technologies also continues to provide tier one support to users of the software system which provides a unique opportunity and avenue for suggestions for ways the system might be improved in the future.