When software works for you, anything is possible.

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Keep your business running on a path to success.

Have you grown tired of spinning your wheels with outdated technology or are you making moves to grow and expand your business? Getting ahead could require a packaged solution, a custom application designed especially for your business, or a combination of the two. Here is how we help bridge your business with operational success:

  • Custom software
  • Mobile applications
  • Customer & Partner Portals
  • CRM
  • Service management
  • Systems integration
  • Software support
  • SaaS Development
  • HRM
  • Project management
  • E-commerce systems
  • Software & Data Security
  • Cloud computing
  • ERP
  • Inventory management

With the right tools, anything is possible.

Businesses find themselves challenged by the systems that are supposed to help them be more effective and efficient. With Miles Technologies, you’ll find those challenges turned into solutions.


In order to determine the solution, we work with you to clearly identify the opportunity and get your ideas and vision down on paper (virtual paper, we’re a paperless company). Our software experts will plot the entire development process, explaining every step of the project, including exactly how we will get it done.


The logic behind the software is the most powerful piece of the system. This is where you take command of technology and make it work for you, exactly the way you want it to. Our tried and true foundational items coupled with your architectural requirements will lead to an end product that fits your business perfectly.


Software and technology are ever-changing, just like your industry and your business. As the environment transforms, the value produced by your software systems must lead the way. Our solutions adapt to your vision as it grows, opening up new opportunities to propel you ahead of your competition.

Your software development project will succeed.

It's not enough to simply complete a software project. Our goal is successful system implementation. We hold a 99.2% implementation success rate. According to the Standish Group’s CHAOS report, that’s 17.2% above average.

Our software development teams are specifically structured to ensure success. Each position – from project managers to business analysts, system architects and integrators to software support – has a role in the successful implementation of your system.

We approach software development from a careful and comprehensive perspective. Through years of creating and deploying successful software projects, we have developed and honed the process into our Software Development Life Cycle.

Technology is constantly disrupting itself. Disrupt IT yourself.

We are much more than a software company.

Our IT, Digital Marketing, and Website Design experts are involved with our software projects, working collaboratively to create aesthetically pleasing and high-functioning systems that seamlessly work in and for your business.

Modular design isn’t just a buzzword.

If you need a fast start, a modular development approach may be needed. In these cases, we first focus architecture on one piece of your new system and as that piece moves into development, we then focus architecture on the next piece. The process continues until all pieces, or modules, are complete.

Code a competitive advantage.

Technology can be your differentiator. Being able to do something smarter, better, and faster, than your competition is a game-changer. We can help you offer your customers something no one else can. That’s when you completely flip the table.

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