Developing customized business software that empowers your business requires thorough analysis, efficient planning, and a team of dedicated experts.  Miles Technologies approaches custom software development with a comprehensive and consultative focus, using a proven process of combining your business objectives and solution requirements with an agile development process, topping it off with comprehensive preparation and support (before & after launch). Through our extensive expertise and years of creating and deploying successful software projects, we have developed and honed the process you see outlined below to provide our customers with the best framework for success.

Our developers love the process because we can eliminate potential pitfalls inherent in using traditional module build-outs & have the opportunity to deliver an extra wow factor to meet your needs, while you’ll love the process because you’ll be involved along the way and be ready to dive in and use the system once it’s ready to go!

Even more than just a system that does what you need, you’ll have software that’s aesthetically and functionally superior due to our software User Experience (UX) & Quality Assurance (QA) audit process. We can also employ a shortened version of this life cycle in the future to add increased functionality and usefulness to your software, making it continue to evolve as a long-term business solution. For more information on getting the most long-term value from your software solution, we invite you to read this guide on “Getting to Version 2.0”.