Chris Miles


Chris Miles

Chris Miles founded Miles Technologies in 1997. Today, the award-winning IT consulting, custom software, web design and online marketing firm employs 500+ people (and counting) and earned First Place in the Philadelphia Business Journal’s BEST PLACES TO WORK 2013.

The mission at Miles Technologies is to provide highly customized, groundbreaking technology solutions that further business goals and objectives. Chris believes to experience continued growth and profitability, businesses need to leverage the tremendous opportunities technology can deliver.

As CEO of Miles Technologies, Chris led the company in developing BUSINESS by Miles, a cloud-based business productivity software (BPS) solution which provides a cohesive, one-stop business platform designed to deliver superior business efficiency. Launched in 2013, BUSINESS is robust with strong analytics, fast functionality and industry leading operations management tools – helping businesses to accomplish more with greater control and efficiency in every core business operations task. Chris is an expert in business efficiency – which is what BUSINESS and Miles Technologies are all about.

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