Joe Reithmeier

Client CIO

Joe Reithmeier

With over 30 years’ experience in the finance industry, Joe is an expert on advising clients and ensuring their best practices and IT systems are compliant with the latest financial industry regulations. Previously working as the Director of IT for a bank with $5 billion in assets, Joe also has experience in business continuity, data security, IT operations, and project management.The financial industry is notable for being highly regulated, and Joe is the top resource for all of Miles Technologies’ clients in the financial and banking industries—helping them maintain data security and data integrity within their IT infrastructure.

So that they can then demonstrate that safety and security to their customers, auditors, and overseers. Joe excels at working with clients to ensure their information technology strategy aligns with and helps them achieve their overall business goals.

In his free time, Joe enjoys hiking and traveling. He also played a starring role in the Miles Technologies commercial!

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