Miles Technologies
TEO Scholarship Fund

Technology Equals Opportunity

TEO Scholarship:
2018-2019 School Year

Scholarship Amount: $3,000 awarded to 4 winners.
Miles Technologies is offering 4 scholarships of $3,000 each to winners of the Technology Equals Opportunity (TEO) Scholarship Fund. Applicants must currently hold or anticipate holding a high school diploma or GED within the 2017-2018 school year. Applicants should be pursuing or planning to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree related to Computer Science or Information Technology and must be accepted to a related program within a year of winning the scholarship to receive funding.

Scholarship Overview

Who can apply


  • High school seniors and anyone currently accepted into a program.
  • Must be pursuing or planning to pursue a degree related to Computer Science or Information Technology.

Application Deadline:

6 / 15 / 18

  • All application materials must be emailed no later than the deadline date. Materials received after the deadline will be disqualified.

Winner will be selected by:

6 / 30 / 18

  • Must provide all required documentation to be eligible.
  • Winners will be selected by The Miles Technologies Scholarship Committee.
  • Non-winners will not be notified.

Applicants Must Meet All Requirements

Academic Eligibility

The scholarship will be awarded to students pursuing or planning to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in one of the following majors or a major of similar description:

  • Computer Information Systems
  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Software & Applications
  • Computer Systems Analysis
  • Computer Systems Networking
  • Data Entry
  • Data Processing
  • Information Science
  • Information Technology

Current Enrollment

  • Have earned or will earn a high school diploma or GED by the end of the 2017-2018 school year.
  • Must have proof of enrollment and be pursuing a related field of study prior to receiving funding.

Proof of Residency

  • Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen attending or planning to attend a U.S. college, university, or trade school.

Application Review

  • The Miles Technologies Scholarship Committee will review all applications for completeness. Incomplete applications will not be eligible for consideration and will be discarded.

Applicant Must Provide the Following Documentation

Unofficial Transcript

  • As the preliminary screening takes place, an unofficial transcript with your most recent schooling is required. If you are deemed the official winner, you will be contacted and asked to provide an official, unopened transcript to verify the accuracy of the information provided in the unofficial transcript. Please do not initially send official transcripts.

Proof of Enrollment

  • If currently enrolled in an eligible college program, provide proof of current enrollment.
  • Examples: Enrollment verification letter, acceptance letter, course registration for upcoming semester
  • If not enrolled in a college or university, documentation must be provided within one year of winning to receive funds

Recommendation Letter

  • Written by a previous employer, colleague, or teacher.

Completed Application

  • Fill out required basic information
  • Write an introduction, 150-200 words.
  • Short Essay: 300-500 words

Selection Criteria

Selection will be based on merit as evidenced in grades, personal statement, quality of work, and level of demonstrated commitment to bettering our communities.

To receive funding, proof of current enrollment in a U.S. college or university must be provided within a year of winning the scholarship. Enrollment must be in a relative major listed under Academic Eligibility.

Proof of enrollment examples: Enrollment verification letter, acceptance letter, course registration for upcoming semester.

Deadline & Submission Information

Completed applications must be sent and arrive no later than the set deadline of June 15th 2018. There will be absolutely no exceptions.

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Terms and Agreements

By submitting your application, you agree to use the scholarship prize for educational purposes only: tuition and/or related expenses such as school supplies, books, and housing.

Submitting your application hereby gives us permission to use your introduction and/or your short essay for Miles Technologies’s marketing platforms, including but not limited to blog, social media, and website. Your survey information may be pulled for use as anonymous statistics. The information on your application form is completely confidential and we will never ask to share that information.

Scholarship funding becomes null and void after one year of being awarded or if the awarded student is no longer pursuing a degree in the related areas of focus.

Prior to receiving scholarship funds, the awarded student must have proof of enrollment in a related program within a year of winning.

Upon meeting all requirements, Miles Technologies will provide a check written out to the college of choice on behalf of the awarded scholarship winners.