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There are people who simply don't have access to computers or other basic technologies. A gap exists for many to obtain the education and skills needed to succeed. We are here to help close this gap by providing access to technology. Technology Equals Opportunity's mission is getting technology into the hands of those who need it most, regardless of someone's financial standing.

Why Access to Technology is Important

Dollar for dollar, the impact is higher than other forms of assistance. In addition, this impact is lifelong for each recipient. Technology serves as a gateway to education and life skills. It helps with any profession and has become the essential tool in the modern workplace. Without it, even the most basic occupations are out of reach.

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You don't ever give us money.

Everything you provide goes directly to help those in need...

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You can purchase some or all of the selected items for an initiative. There are Amazon Wishlists that have been created for each cause.

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Volunteer for Distribution and Training Days. TEO is run completely by volunteers.

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"By solving our IT problems, or actually keeping us from having IT problems, enabling us to concentrate on our business, Miles has been essential to us."

— Larry Handman
HTH, Inc.

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