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  • The Necessity of Writing Good Requirements to Determine Your Software’s Features

    Written by: JP Lessard

    Writing and Prioritizing Requirements and Features to Realize Your Vision We’ve reached the final step in your software discovery process! Have you found a way to quantify where you are now and where you’ll be once you’ve reached your vision? How far are you from reaching it? You have your vision, you’ve completed your Information Gathering, now it’s time to pull it all together and define your requirements. To do that, you’ll need to think about what it will require for you to get from here to your vision. (more…) READ MORE >>

  • An ASE Up Your Sleeve: Small Business Server

    Written by: Scott Stanley

    Within the incredibly talented ranks of Miles Technologies exists an elite team known as "A.S.E." (“Ace”) The individuals that make up this group posses an expert level of knowledge in multiple areas within Information Technology. They are the superheroes of IT, using their powers to increase the reliability, scalability, and efficiency of every IT system they touch. These are the IT professionals for other IT professionals. Here, they share some of their extensive knowledge with you. This is: An ASE Up Your Sleeve Small Business Server Performance and the Hidden SQL Problem What SBS is and why does it have some issues? A Small Business Server, or SBS, was a former go-to, affordable server solution for small to mid-sized businesses.… READ MORE >>

  • Software Needs Discovery: Gathering Information & Refining Your Vision

    Written by: JP Lessard

    Software Needs Discovery: The Five-Year-Old Theory If you’ve ever had a conversation with a five-year-old, you’ve likely been caught in the “Why?” trap. It’s the adorable, tiresome, often annoying trait most of us associate with precocious young children, where each answer you provide only leads to another “Why?” or perhaps, to break things up a little bit, a “Why not?” Like a child trying to learn more about the world around them, you’re going to have to channel that insistent energy if you want to want to conduct a proper Software Needs Discovery. The most successful information gathering comes from taking a childlike approach: ask “Why?” until you understand. (more…) READ MORE >>

  • Developing the Perfect Software Starts With the Perfect Vision

    Written by: JP Lessard

    Is your software sabotaging you? Depending on your software requirements approach, it may feel that way. With the wrong software, you may find yourself overwhelmed with excess costs, trapped by limitations, even forced to reconsider how your business operates. It seems natural to blame your software—it’s not doing what you need it to. The problem, however, may lie less in your software and more in the way you chose that specific software. (more…) READ MORE >>

  • Your Guide to Digital Marketing Plans for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB)

    Written by: John Bialous

    What does an online marketing plan look like for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB)? So you run a company, and you’d like to grow your business. You have some sales staff, and they do a good job of selling to prospects that already have an interest in your products or services. Your challenge: how does your sales staff find these prospects? Do they beat the street, cold call, call their rich uncle, or go to networking events (and talk to other salespeople...)? Surely, there has to be a better way. Your solution is to execute a well-crafted online marketing plan. So what does an online marketing plan consist of? And what should I expect from it? Let’s start with expectations. If you… READ MORE >>

  • How an SSL Certificate Secures Your Site & Improves Google Ranking

    Written by: Dan Carpenter

    Stop Scaring Your Customers. Get Your Website An SSL Certificate. At first, it was just a rumor. One day, Google would let everyone know which websites were no longer safe to browse. It would “shame” them by stamping the two words in the search bar that inspire dread: not secure. You used to get along just fine without an SSL/TLS certificate, because it was only chatter among tech people. Then it happened. On July 24, Google released Chrome 68. Among the many features for this browser update, perhaps the most talked about was the HTTPS security notification. Google now warns users that sites without certifications are not secure. SSL/TLS? HTTPS? Too many acronyms, you say? If you want your organization’s… READ MORE >>

  • Your Brand Identity: Without It, Your Company Is Lost

    Written by: John Bialous

    Just as Roger Daltrey belted out in the lyrics of The Who’s 1978 single, "Who Are You," you must ask this question of your company if you plan to have any success in marketing and growing your business. Without a clear brand identity, your marketing efforts will sap your time, energy, and expenses while yielding little to no progress. Your business will begin to feel like it's on spinning wheels, sinking deeper into the sand the harder you try to move forward. (more…) READ MORE >>

  • Forget Your Password (Really! Do it now!) Increase Security with Passphrases

    Written by: Dan Carpenter

    It’s time for your password to grow up. Passwords. First you were told, and then you were forced, to make yours as complicated as possible. You took your formerly simple password (catsname) and added strings of numbers (catsname123), letters (catsname1abc), and symbols (c@tsn*m#1abC). When finished, you had an incomprehensible, mutant string of characters because you thought that was how to create a good password. Except you forgot it. The password became so complex that no reasonable person could have committed it to memory. Perhaps you wrote it down and posted it to the edge of your computer screen. Maybe you keep a master document somewhere on your computer with all of your passwords. You know it’s not a secure password,… READ MORE >>

  • The Essential Guide to Links for SEO [+10 Actionable Link Building Ideas]

    Written by: Laura Ferruggia

    Link building is as relevant as ever for today’s digital marketers. In fact, you could say content and backlinks are the most important aspects of any SEO strategy. Today you’re going to learn everything there is to know about backlinks. As a bonus, I’ll even share 10 of my link building techniques that are working right now. Let’s get started incorporating link building into your digital marketing strategy. Why Links Are Important for SEO What Makes a Good Link? Do Nofollow Links Help SEO? Is Link Building White Hat? Here’s What Google Says How to Do a Link Audit With SEMrush 10 Link Building Tactics That Really Work Why Links Are Important for SEO Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary Illyes made… READ MORE >>

  • The Security Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication

    Written by: Dan Carpenter

    Hackers Want Your Company’s Money. Without MFA, You’re Giving It To Them. You know not to click on the anonymous email link that says “Get Your Prize Money Now!” It’s a scam, you realize, so you confidently steer clear of it. What if that email link comes from someone in your organization and, instead of prize money, it asks you to download a report for a project you’re working on? You should probably do that, right? What reason would you have to suspect that link is actually malware that gives a hacker access to all of your organization’s sensitive data? (Yes, that includes financial information.) This scenario is just one of many tactics hackers use for email phishing scams. They’ve… READ MORE >>

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