4 New HubSpot Tools to Help Kick Your Marketing into Gear

Kimberly Burghart September 25, 2015

Ensuring your digital marketing efforts are working and producing a consistent flow of quality leads for your sales team is vital to any business. Whatever platform you use, you want this analysis to be as efficient and straightforward as possible. To make this process easier for users of their platform, Hubspot recently announced a series of new and updated tools to help businesses manage their marketing efforts all from one convenient place. Let’s take a look at four of the new tools on offer and how they can help businesses get even more out of their digital marketing efforts.

 1. Getting additional insights with the reporting add-on

Just like physicists looking for a great unifying theory of the universe, marketers would love to have that one single metric that tells them whether their marketing efforts are going well or not. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist. In order to be successful, many different metrics need to be gathered and analyzed— things like CTA, Click Through Rates, Cost per Lead, as well as simple things like page views all need to looked at to formulate a clear picture of where the strengths of a marketing strategy lie and what needs to be improved.

HubSpot’s new reporting add-on tool enables marketing and sales teams to view important data all from one place. Instead of having to gather information from a variety of locations and dump it all into a spreadsheet to gain a clear understanding of what’s going on, you can set up customizable screens to generate the exact reports you need— see exactly where you’re performing well and what needs to be tweaked in little to no time at all. Having all this information in one place helps increase accountability for your business as well. With one convenient place to view all this information, your sales and marketing teams can better align themselves and easily track goals and targets you’ve agreed upon to help your business generate more revenue and grow.

2. Manage ads all from one place

Navigating the landscape of paid advertising can be intimidating. With screens upon screens of options, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to get started and, once you do, to see what’s working and what isn’t. HubSpot’s ads tool aims to rectify this. From its initial launch it gives access to your business’s LinkedIn and Google ads accounts so you can begin targeting the audiences you need. LinkedIn, for instance, boasts over half of the world’s professionals as users, making it an ideal avenue for B2B marketers.

Other than giving you one convenient place from which to monitor your paid advertising efforts, the ads add-on gives you the ability to integrate your campaigns with the data HubSpot already gathers. As a result, you can see exactly which clicks convert into leads and customers for each specific ad. This data gives you a much clearer picture of which ads are working and which are not and delivers a much richer picture than would be available through LinkedIn and Google’s ad platforms alone.

3. The Predictive Lead Scoring Tool

If there’s one thing every sales team wants from its marketing department, it’s quality leads— not every lead is a good lead. Few things frustrate salespeople more than getting a lead that turns out to be of a low quality– maybe they aren’t of sufficient size, or maybe they aren’t ready to make a decision on investing in your product or service. HubSpot’s predictive lead scoring tool goes a long way to helping you attach clear quantitative data to your leads as they come in. By incorporating information on page views and form completions, HubSpot divides your contacts into categories based on their likelihood of becoming a customer. Then your sales team can get to work on the most promising leads.

Be warned though, you do need to meet some criteria within your HubSpot account before the predictive lead scoring tool will deliver you meaningful results. In fact, for the tool to generate a model of your leads you need to have:

  • Both unengaged and engaged contacts stored in HubSpot

  • Contacts stored in HubSpot for at least three months

  • At least 500 contacts in HubSpot marked as customers

  • At least twice as many contacts marked as non-customers as you have marked as customers

If you satisfy all of these requirements, you should be in good shape to start gaining insight into the quality of the leads you’re generating– your sales team can get to work on the most qualified leads and you can start looking at ways to generate more of them.

4. Updates to the HubSpot CRM

Having a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps a business coordinate their sales efforts and manage interactions with existing customers. For many businesses, though, a CRM can be a considerable expense– one that they simply avoid and look to make do without. For those businesses, HubSpot’s updated CRM is a great option: it’s free! The CRM tool allows unlimited users, usage, and data all for no cost at all. While many software products are free up to a certain number of users or amount of data, that’s not the case here. That means you get a CRM that’s scalable– one that can keep pace with you as your company grows.

Anyone who’s had experience entering company information into a CRM knows it can be difficult hunting down exactly what you need. To this end, HubSpot’s CRM comes with the company information on over 13 million companies. This should help minimize the time spent researching company sizes, revenue, and other key information you need. And because the CRM is built right into HubSpot, you also get the analytical capabilities and metrics like lead quality score to make your sales and marketing efforts flow efficiently.

So there you have it: four tools to boost your marketing efforts and help you start getting more quality leads, more customers, and more revenue for your business. Have you had any experience with these or any other HubSpot tools? How do they help you? Let us know in the comments below.

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