8 Places for Web Design Inspiration 2015

Christina Rickabaugh October 10, 2014

Web design inspiration can come from anywhere. Quickly browsing cool website designs and the latest web design trends can take mere minutes, leaving one signigicantly inspired – and overwhelmed. While a web designer can direct you to extensive creations in a web design portfolio, the real inspiration often comes from what is within the heart and soul of a website’s creator. That’s where you, your marketing team and the very core of your company’s mission in – the most important components to any web design.


The goal is one of establishing clarity. What do you want your website to convey to your customers? How do you want the presentation and content of your website to help turn leads into new clients. What is the best way to present your website to its target audience – your clients? How important is the design of your website to you?


Planning to launch a new website in 2015? To get inspiration on the latest web design trends, and perhaps visualize all your website can be, here are eight great places to visit!


Website Magazine – A leader in all things web design sexy, Website Magazine helps local businesses and beyond understand the key elements to consider when designing a new website, from SEO optimization to social media components. Want to know the latest in responsive design? Interested in getting a positive ROI in your quest to design a great site? Curious about how images on your website can influence brand ambassadors? Website Magazine will show you the way!


Smashing Magazine – Designed to speak the language of web designers, Smashing Magazine is a great resource for anyone interested in keeping current with the lateset web design tools, techniques and trends. Think sliders are cool? Will your customers think sliders are cool? Do you know what slider add to a website? Smashing Magazine will show you everything an icon of digital design needs to know to create a brilliant website that engages target audiences – like yours. While Smashing Magazine may dive into what every developer should know, it presents fast-paced content that keeps you current on all the trends necessary to be a competitive player in today’s mobile-driven landscape.


WDL – One resource that will show you examples of creative color filters, design interfaces and the power of creating a website that delivers a great user experience is WDL, also known as Web Design Ledger. WDL presents awe-inspiring websites that leverage everything from ghost buttons to decorative posters – and the best ways to design a site that converts more visitors. Do you know what a Pile Gallery is and how it allows for stacked galleries which expand with great animation? Wondering what the 20 most amazing free handwritten fonts are for your website design? If you want to dig into the artistic and technical nuances that build great sites, this resource will take you there.


AWWWARDS – This site is the home of the awards that recognize the talent and effort of the best web designers and developers in the world. Surely, there must be some decent web design trends reflected on this resource! A showcase of web design expertise, AWWWARDS is the frame that displays the latest and trendiest in web design. Ever wonder how much talent goes into producing some of the most creative websites of the year – in the world? AWWARDS helps you understand the language of your web developer – so you won’t get lost when you hear terms like flat design, responsive design, browser compatibility, parallax scrolling, infinate scrolling, ambient video backgrounds and more.


The Design Inspiration – A source of inspiration, literally, for web design is The Design Inspiration. An online resource of design inspiration by desginers for designers, this online resource is a help to all creative professionals and anyone interested in knowing what is hot in web design today. An expansive website showcase greets you immediately at The Design Inspiration, presenting loads of great designs that are leading the pack in website creation and success.


siteInspire – siteInspire is a showcase of the finest web and interactive designs on the Internet today. You can literally browse nearly 4,000 sites by style, type or subject, or just view the ones siteInspire has determined are the very best. You can even receive Twitter and Facebook updates on the sites added daily! If you website is really awesome, you can even submit it for consideration. siteInspire presents all kinds of websites reflecting diverse industries and prides itself on profiling websites that are clean and simplistic, devoid of gimmicks or ridiculous decorations.


TheBestDesigns – TheBestDesigns is a vibrant portfolio of websites reflecting an array of themes and industries. With an expansive and easy-to-navigate gallery, TheBestDesigns showcases sites under categories included, but not limited to, aged, clean, fabric, landscapes, pattern, frid, ornate, handwriting, minimal, texture, futuristic, illustration, nature, skies, typography and more. You can literally view thousands of designs – until you see one that inspires you.


Pinterest – Guess what? Pinterest is actually a great resource when it comes to viewing the latest website. You can literally view thousands of designs – until you see one that inspires you.Designs showcases sites under categories included, but not limited to, aged, clean, fabric, landscapes, pattern, frid, ornate, handwriting, minimal, texture, futuristic, illustration, nature, skies, typography and more design trends. A simple search on Pinterest reveals an almost limitless array of website designs – resulting in minutes, hours or days of exploration. You can even create a pinboard to save the ones that catch your eye.


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