Examples of Software That Changed the Business Landscape

JP Lessard December 4, 2014

Software is a powerful tool for businesses of any type or size. Processes that decades ago took many man-hours to complete can now be entirely automated thanks to software systems that businesses rely on to accomplish their daily tasks. There have been countless examples of software systems that have made a paramount impact on the way businesses are run today. While some of them—such as Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, and Salesforce—are very obvious in the way they’ve helped shape the business climate, there are other examples of software that have helped changed the way business operate. Let’s take a look at some of these less evident examples of software:



DropBox is a file hosting service that allows users to share, store and retrieve files from the cloud. DropBox, which can be accessed via website or mobile application, helps business users work together better. “This evolution has helped un-chain people from their desks at work in regards to being able to collaborate and share information easily,” says JP Lessard, President of Business Software Solutions at Miles Technologies.


Google Maps

Google Maps is a web mapping service from Google that includes street maps, satellite images, traffic, and route planning among other features. Google Maps, which is web-based, also has an application for mobile devices. While many individuals utilize this popular service for personal use, it has done wonders for making businesses more productive. “The evolution of Google Map integration tools and core functionality being expanded beyond simple mapping and directions has revolutionized many aspects of business,” says Lessard. “This is seen in areas from optimized routing to completely remote assessment and estimating for businesses like roofing and landscaping. The broad availability of these services from mobile devices has also led to a more mobile and effective work force.”



PayPal is a “digital wallet” e-commerce service that allows for payments and transfers to be made via the internet. PayPal performs payment processing for vendors and both personal and other commercial users. The software has opened up avenues for e-commerce and retail businesses to better service their customers. “This service has found a key niche in the years since online credit card processing has evolved,” says Lessard. “With the migration away from individual site management of credit card information thanks to many security breaches and increased focus on data security in the credit card industry (PCI data security standards), PayPal’s outsourced payment profile management has turned into a viable solution for many businesses, not just online small-time individuals.”



Amazon Services

Most people are familiar with the internet retailer giant Amazon.com. Not only are they an online store, they also make consumer electronics and offer cloud computing services. Amazon has certainly made an immense impact on the lives of consumers, but has also done the same for businesses with services like Amazon Fulfillment. Businesses can store their products in an Amazon fulfillment center and Amazon will take handle packaging, shipping and customer service for them. “Just about any business can now have their products listed on and fulfilled by Amazon.com, which opens doors for small businesses with unique product offerings or channels to be competitive in pricing with other listings.,” says Lessard. “Either through a full-blown storefront or simple product listings or through warehouse and fulfillment services, the impact on small businesses is and will be even larger in the near future.”


Automated Backup Software like Acronis True Image and Genie Backup Manager

Backup software is a type of program used to create exact copies of designated files, specific databses or entire computers as a whole.  There are many different types of automated backup software solutions including those like Acronis True Image that also perform disk imaging. This software has made a tremendous impact on the way companies operate, making them run more efficiently and securely.  “Automated backup software has been huge, both as a major part of allowing businesses to go paperless and helping them to recover from attacks,” says Wayne Rossi, Systems Architect at Miles Technologies. “Especially with today’s cloud-based backups, it is a tremendous benefit.”


What are some other examples of software that have greatly influenced the way companies do business today? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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