Exercise Your Mind, Body, & Software…?

JP Lessard October 2, 2014
As a Software Support Manager at Miles Technologies, I’ve worked with a number of packaged software solutions, including QuickBooks, Dynamics GP, MAS 90, SAP Business One along with many of our in-house custom developed applications. When working with custom software applications, you encounter just about every industry and business need imaginable – from inventory management to real estate to wholesale distributors. I literally learn something new every day.

It was while working at Miles Technologies that I decided to take up a training program known as CrossFit. I soon discovered that the benefits would have a trickledown effect in a number of areas in my life! It’s pretty common practice that a sound body often equates to a sound mind, and I can attest to that with significant improvements in focus, stress levels, and just overall mental well-being. The CrossFit training program has allowed me to take on tasks and projects with much more enthusiasm and energy. CrossFit even helped me quit smoking (less breaks at work), sleep better (more energy during the day), and get on track with a healthy diet!

It got me thinking – could I somehow relate my exercise program to custom software?


Both are an evolution: Like exercise programs and many other things in life, software needs to continue to evolve as your business does. If it doesn’t, what’s the use in having it? Packaged software will come up with updates, but it won’t ever be customized for your specific business needs.


The “bar” is NOT the same for everyone: Setting the bar in CrossFit is based on the individual, just as setting the bar for your software is based on your business needs. When it comes to custom software, I’ve found the best way to get the most bang for your buck is to figure out what you’d like your software to do and then what your budget will allow. Once you’ve figured that out, proceed with making as many high priority changes as possible and save the lower priority changes for the next round of software updates. Like exercise, take it one step at a time and be patient – some things just can’t happen overnight.


Keep the end result in mind: The satisfaction of either hitting a new PR (Personal Record) in a particular lift or successfully implementing a solution that makes your employees’ lives better is extremely gratifying. With software that is customized for your business, you can reduce stress levels and increase focus and mental well-being across your company! Say goodbye to mundane data entry and time consuming tasks that you and your employees once dreaded doing on a daily basis. Now those tasks can be done at the click of a button.

With CrossFit and custom software, both need to be treated as aspects of life and business that you are committed to – be open to self-criticism and recognize potential areas for improvement. I personally believe that exercising your mind and body are both extremely important, but don’t forget about exercising your custom software! By keeping your custom software in shape, you’re helping your business stay healthy.

If you’d like to learn more about custom software applications, contact us today!


Chris Guido is the Software Support Manager at Miles Technologies.

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