Google Performance Summit Highlights: AdWords Redesign

Adam Grobelny May 25, 2016

Moving to a Mobile-First World

Google recently unveiled its new vision for AdWords (pictured right) and Analytics. As you can guess by the title, Google believes we are long overdue to move into a mobile-first world. Looking at data from Analytics, over 50% of traffic is coming from users on smartphones and tablets. This has started a shift away from first designing content around desktops and then optimizing it for mobile to the otherway around.

Here are some of the upcoming features:

Device-level Bidding

Google announced that it would be giving more control over their AdWords campaigns by dividing mobile from desktop. This will allow users to separately place bids for each device (desktop, phone, and tablet).

Additional Space in Text Ads

AdWords currently limits users to a 25-character headline with two 35-character descriptions. Expanding ad text by more than 50%, ads are now able to have two 30-character headlines and one 80-character description.

Expanded Location Based Targeting

Google plans to add integration to AdWords and Google Maps over the next year. Analytics has shown that one-third of mobile searches are related to user location. To reach these users, Google has started testing Promoted Pins which lets advertisers promote their business directly on Google Maps. Using the consumers location as a trigger for your ad, your promotion will popup when a user is nearby your store. Google plans to take this a step further by collecting data on whether the consumer has walked into a store after clicking on its ad.

A Mobile-First Future

These are just a few of the expected features mentioned in the recent demo. Google plans to slowly test and release these new mobile-first features over the remainder of 2016, leading to a full release by early 2017. Keep an eye out and you may see Google testing out new mobile advertising over the next few months.

If you’ve missed the Google AdWords demo, you can find it here:

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