Link Building 101 Part Deux: What Actually Works

Kimberly Burghart January 7, 2015

This is Part Deux in a series of posts on Link Building 101. Part I, which was posted Monday, discussed the basics of link building and what makes a good link.


The Anchor Text Issue


Anchor texts have become super important ever since Google released the Penguin update in April 2012

There have been a number of upgrades to this notorious algorithm update, and as of today we are in v3.1, which really does penalize websites for spammy and often low quality link building tactics.

Previously, SEO link builders would get links based heavily on the keyword they wanted to rank for, and have that keyword form the anchor text of numerous backlinks across the web.  For a time, this tactic helped achieve good rankings, but is obviously a form of webspam, which Penguin Sherriff quickly saw to.

Every website has an anchor text profile, which is essentially a list of the anchor text groupings from backlinks.  Nowadays, it is essential to not over optimize this for keywords, rather allow brand name anchors to dominate, and have a few anchor texts related to targeted keywords, like so:

Keeping a clean anchor text profile will ensure your website is fit to travel space and time, and not be exterminated by the Daleks.  Also, you won’t get a big old Google penalty courtesy of Penguin.

Getting The Right Votes: 5 Link building Tactics That Work

So how exactly do you go about getting these high quality votes by people linking to your website in a natural and search engine friendly way?  Check out these ideas and have a go at using them.  Remember, you’re going after quality, not quantity, so 1 awesome link is better than 5 average ones.

Reach out with subject matter experts

If you, a co-worker or someone you know is an expert on a particular subject, like moustache maintenance, reach out to an authority website on the same topic and say how you could add value to the site with a tip or content from the expert.  If it’s cool enough, the site owner might just include your advice and give you a credit link.

Create an engaging, funny or informative video

People will always link to stuff that makes them laugh, or that really stands out as informative and interesting.  Videos are among the most linked to items on the web, so have a go at making one that could be shared virally.  It doesn’t have to be a blockbuster production, low budget videos rock too!

Get interviewed or do an interview

Kind of similar to the first tip, but worthy of being a standalone one too, getting interviewed by an authority source or interviewing someone noteworthy is always a good linkbait tactic.  If you know your stuff, help someone else create content about you.  Likewise, if you’re creating some nice content about, say, cooking, why not reach out to the best chef or restaurant owner in your area for a 5 minute convo?  It’ll go down well.

Build relationships

If you really want to go after the best links around, make friends with the people who own the sites.  Actually take an interest in what they do in and out of work.  Go on social media and engage in conversation with them and their followers, help them out if they ask a question, or just go and bounce ideas off them—‘hey, what do you think about this?’  Later down the line, they might be prepared to share something you produced with their legion of fans.

Create a presentation for slide share

Pretty easy but always a good tactic for getting links, since you’re positioning yourself and your website as a authority.  Make sure your presentation is professional, logical and pretty much College standard, but always include some fresh ideas and a personable approach.  Share it a bit in social media, especially with other experts and watch as your links improve over time.


Have any questions or comments about link building tactics?  Let us know in the comments below.

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