Looking To Wireless Analytics for Better Customer Data

Dan Carpenter August 14, 2015

Wireless analytics represent a burgeoning way to gather data from a client base or target market. By recording data from devices interacting with nearby wireless access points, businesses have the ability to gather, record, and analyze location-based data for people entering the field of their wireless networks. Let’s take a look at how this data might be used by businesses to gain more information about potential customers.

What is wireless analytics?

People don’t generally consider wireless networks and devices as a way to get information about their customer base. But think about it: the majority of people these days are carrying wireless devices around with them all the time. In fact, nearly two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone users. And the majority of those people are setting their devices to constantly look for wireless networks to connect to. All the while their phone is doing this, it’s sending out data to wireless receivers about that individual: what networks they connect to, their location, how long they stay in that location, and whether or not they return. Wireless analytics involves the collection and analysis of this information.

Some wireless analytic providers are even putting bluetooth radio into wireless access points. This gives them the ability to physically track people or objects as they move around a particular space as long as those people have their bluetooth devices scanning for connections. While not in use a great deal yet, this option could provide even richer data for businesses.

How can businesses use wireless analytics?

The obvious example for how businesses could use wireless data analytics would be in a retail location. Imagine thousands of passers-by walking through a shopping mall, going into stores, spending time looking at advertisements. Being able to specifically identify and capture the location of customers, retailers can potentially:

  • Increase loyalty from existing customers
  • Improve floorplans within retail locations

  • Provide a more personalized experience to potential customers

  • Increase overall customer satisfaction

Measuring customers passing-by a particular location and the percentage of which come into your store can guide strategies for bringing more customers through the door. How long people spend physically standing in front of particular advertisements can provide insights into their effectiveness. All of this data enables businesses to make more informed decisions about how effective their marketing campaigns are. By correlating data to existing marketing efforts, you are able to make more informed decisions about rewards programs, customer loyalty, and customer return rates. Wireless analytics offer a richer, more granular picture of your client base, allowing you to make choices that increase revenue and help your business grow.

How do businesses get wireless analytics from their networks?

Work with an IT consultant to strategize the best way to integrate analytical capabilities into your wireless networks. Industry leading vendors are already integrating wireless data analytics as a component of their wireless systems, while others are offering wireless analytics as a plugin. The value of wireless location analytics is ultimately tied to the goals of your business and marketing team. If you are looking for increasingly targeted and granular information to personalize the customer experience, then it is something definitely worth looking into.

All in all, vendors have likely only just cracked the surface of the capabilities that wireless analytics bring to businesses. The data already being collected are of an astounding complexity and have potentially enormous ramifications for business and marketing efforts. Businesses owe it to themselves to become educated on what wireless location analytics can offer them and incorporate their findings into any comprehensive marketing research efforts.

Have you had experience with wireless analytics? If so, what was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below.

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