Top Four Business Technology Fails: Are You Committing Them?

JP Lessard December 5, 2015

When a business is having an issue with its technology, there is a wide range of impacts that can result. It could be anything from a minor problem that delays a task by a few minutes to a catastrophic problem that causes a business to completely go down or permanently lose critical data. Business technology can sometimes be a cruel, unforgiving world. An outdated system or application can slow you down and leave you behind the competition. An improper backup can result in losing key data and possibly key customers.

Business Technology fails can come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are more obvious while others can sometimes go unnoticed. Let’s take a look at some of the top fails. Cross your fingers and hope most of these do not apply to your business.


1. Your Email System Was Popular at the Same time as the Discman and the Pager

Outdated email systems can really drag down a business. Whether your system is constantly having errors or it doesn’t function properly with your employees’ mobile devices, if your email is hindering your business productivity, this is a major problem. Communication is a key part of every business. In 2014, Customers expect a fast response time, and your business needs to deliver on that.


2. You Check Your Backups as Often as You Want to Talk to Your Annoying Uncle

Newsflash: data and system backups are important. In order to protect against potential viruses and vulnerabilities or other disasters, your business needs to have properly-functioning backups. Just because you are running automated backup software or your “IT guy” says your data is backed up, that does not mean your backups do not need to be consistently and proactively monitored. Some businesses are required to maintain a certain level of secure backups to comply with regulations, but even those that are not should still perform regular checks.



3. Your Software Applications are so Old They Were there for Y2K

Many businesses rely on software applications to execute their core business processes. Oftentimes, a company will find an application that works well for them and stick with it. That is certainly not a bad idea, but relying on one application does not mean it should not be upgraded regularly. Software updates are regularly issued both for security and performance reasons.  If a new version of software comes out and your company decides it is too vastly different from the old one and does not want to upgrade to it, then you should consider alternative options instead of just staying with an out-of-date version. Having outdated software not only poses a security risk, but can also become a hindrance—due to potential incompatibility issues—if your company needs to upgrade an operating system on a workstation or a server.


4. Your Operating System Has Less Support than a Tight-Rope Walker

If your business is still running on Windows XP, the time to upgrade was over eight months ago. Microsoft ended support for that operating system in April of 2014. If you company is running Windows Server 2003, you still have a little bit of time left to get that upgrade plan in place. Much like outdated software systems, older operating systems present high security risks. This is especially dangerous for a server operating system since many businesses store large amount of critical data on their servers. It is also highly important to remember that upgrading operating systems is something that cannot be done overnight. It takes careful planning as it may also require an upgrade and hardware and/or software applications in order to make sure everything can keep running smoothly.


These are some of just a few top business technology fails. Are there any other key ones that come to mind? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Is your company suffering from business technology fails of its own? Don’t worry, we are here to help! Contact us today to speak with an IT expert. 


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