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The Law might be slow to change, but technology is rapidly changing.

The persistent, growing concerns you have about your data, files, and documents can be the greatest opportunity for progress.

Data Security & Confidentiality

Everyday, new malicious threats are made to data. Viruses, ransomwares, and data breaches continue to occur. Our technology experts are cognizant of the regulations that advance the protection of your data and are fluent in data security and recovery.

Document Management

Finding the right method for document management requires knowledge of the applications and an understanding of your business requirements. The right solution will allow you to do more and not bog you down with unnecessary functions.

Accessibility & Mobility

Long work hours require a technical infrastructure that is available on-demand, all the time. Connecting remotely to your data is not just a common activity, it's a requirement. Having a reliable network requires proactive monitoring and a preemptive address of all potential issues.

The technologies changing the legal industry.

Resolving issues in a fast and efficient manner is first done by implementing the right solutions and strategies. Every law office does not face the same challenges. The type of law you practice, the number of employees you have, and even the culture of your firm will determine the right solutions—the ones that will have the highest return on your firm's investment.

  • Cloud-based collaboration solutions
  • Accounting software
  • Client CRM
  • Virtual servers
  • Custom automated software solutions
  • System backups
  • Wireless Networking
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data encryption and legal compliance
  • Website design
  • Digital Advertising
  • Search engine optimization

"Miles strives to be very responsive and yet very efficient in structure and does consistently high quality work. Like any relationship, there has been the occasional bump in the road, but Miles has consistently attempted to analyze the reasons for any issues that have arisen and address them with appropriate personnel and/or process adjustments."

— Greg Witsch, Administrator
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