Case Study: Hosted Call Center Phone System

Miles Technologies works with a retail and consumer services provider to improve the functionality of their telephone systems for data tracking purposes.

The Client

A Retail and Consumer Services Provider

The client is a premier salon and spa providing consumer services on the East Coast. A major part of their technology use relies on the functionality and stability of their telephone system.

The Challenge

Connecting Phone Systems for All Locations

With the goal of future expansion, the client wanted a phone system that would promote business growth by improving on their existing functionality. Initially, each business location had their own separately operating phone system. They wanted to improve on this by implementing a call center that would make use of all staff members regardless of location.

The Strategy

Analyzing the Client’s Telephony Needs

The goal was to implement a phone system that could function as a call center for all the client’s locations.

Plan Checklist

Assessing the Current System’s Usage

We first took a look at what core needs the solution would have to meet. Besides call center functionality, features like customer callback requests and call volume tracking were crucial.

Plan Checklist

Adding Value to the Solution

With our expert consultation, we were able to recommend a phone system that would provide the needed features and additional call tracking data to assist with decisions in the client’s marketing strategy.

The Solution

Implementing a Data Tracking Call Center


First, we provided the client with a list of four vendors that fit the required specifications. With unlimited outbound minutes and additional reporting capabilities, Nextiva was the vendor of choice as it would give the greatest ROI.


The next step was to implement network changes (for example QoS, DHCP tags, adding VLANs) as required by Nextiva.


Once network changes were in place, onsite installation of phones would occur during a scheduled cutover time after business hours.


To ensure the new phone system properly tracking business intelligence data, we configured and tested the call center configuration and analytics reports.


Lastly, we provided 1-hour training sessions for the client and their staff on how to use the new system and leverage the call tracking and analytics features.

The Results

Greater Business Intelligence and Improved Customer Service

Since implementing their new Nextiva call center phone system, the client has improved the level of customer service they are able to provide by cutting down on response time. They have also greatly improved their marketing efforts.


Better Analytics and Better Decisions

With the new phone system, the client now gets better call data and can use reposts to see where customers are calling from and if it’s a referral from an ad.


Responsive Customer Service

The call center functionality allows any receptionist from any location to answer calls and schedule appointments.


More Efficient Staffing Capabilities

Being able to track incoming call volume makes it easy for the client to determine what times of the day require the most staff on hand.

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